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FreeStorm?'s True Name revealed!

Tahoe-LAFS is an open-source project originally sponsored by Allmydata, Inc. and now fully supported by donations and maintained by a group of hardy volunteers. We are grateful for their energy, expertise, and support. Some of main contributors to this project are listed below. If you feel that somebody is missing from the list, please let us know and we'll update the list.

Active Volunteers

ZookoFrançois Deppierraz
Brian WarnerDavid Triendl
David-Sarah HopwoodFrédéric Marti
Peter SecorWho are we missing?

People who broke Tahoe-LAFS

The Hack Tahoe-LAFS Hall Of Fame

GSoC 2010 Students and Their Mentors

Kevan Carstensen Brian Warner
Josip Lisec David-Sarah Hopwood
Yu Xue Jack Lloyd
Faruque Sarker Zooko
Tahoe-LAFS GSoC Page at Google

Contributors of Source Code and Docs

See the CREDITS file for a list of everyone who has contributed code and docs which we included in the Tahoe-LAFS source tree.

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