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81 2015-03-25T09:33:16Z daira not that XMSS is stateful
80 2015-03-25T09:19:16Z daira move some of the hash-based digsig papers back to the "less …
79 2015-03-25T09:09:51Z daira move hash-based digsig papers to the right section
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74 2013-04-10T06:28:30Z zooko Kevan's thesis
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71 2012-11-24T18:25:26Z zooko add Haver and Ruud's paper
70 2012-08-08T09:44:36Z zooko separate hash function and cipher combiners
69 2012-08-08T09:42:13Z zooko more papers about combining ciphers
68 2012-08-08T07:15:46Z zooko demote Brainpool ECC to Back Shelf and replace with Ed25519
67 2012-08-08T07:10:04Z zooko organize
66 2012-08-08T07:09:13Z zooko asterisks make bullet points, bullet points don't
65 2012-08-08T07:07:07Z zooko add cipher combiners section, reformat with bullet points
64 2012-06-28T01:36:24Z zooko add link to Dodis Katz 2005
63 2011-11-29T17:50:08Z zooko demote some older pubs about hash-based sigs
62 2011-11-29T17:49:09Z zooko add link to XMSS
61 2011-07-25T17:49:32Z zooko add "Digital Signatures Out Of Second Preimage Resistant Hash Functions"
60 2011-07-20T12:56:39Z zooko edit
59 2010-12-14T05:11:11Z zooko add Content-Centric Networking
58 2010-06-23T01:31:30Z zooko clarify suggested optimization strategy
57 2010-06-23T00:36:43Z zooko add note about hash-sigs
56 2010-06-23T00:29:55Z zooko add GMSS
55 2010-06-23T00:22:59Z zooko link to OneHundredYearCryptography
54 2010-06-23T00:22:03Z zooko add notes about hash-based sigs
53 2010-04-18T21:49:28Z zooko add the Goh et al. tight-to-CDH signature scheme
52 2010-04-07T06:28:59Z zooko add crypto papers
51 2010-03-09T04:48:09Z zooko retire some links to the back shelf
50 2010-03-09T03:13:42Z dcoder
49 2010-03-09T03:12:45Z dcoder
48 2010-02-28T05:08:56Z zooko ludo's bibliography is gone
47 2009-12-09T14:03:46Z zooko add link to google drive failure study
46 2009-10-25T21:56:02Z zooko add links to estimates of brute-force-cracks on ECC
45 2009-10-21T19:04:39Z zooko link to HKDF
44 2009-10-07T17:53:00Z zooko update summary of defectoscopy
43 2009-10-07T17:50:58Z zooko add estream
42 2009-10-07T17:49:26Z zooko move ChaChaCha20 to The Back Shelf
41 2009-10-07T17:49:00Z zooko move EnRUPT to the Back Shelf
40 2009-07-31T16:05:07Z zooko add note about AES-128 and Salsa20 on
39 2009-07-31T15:48:42Z zooko link to the FAST paper not the earlier tech report
38 2009-07-31T15:44:39Z zooko fix formatting, move one minor item to the back shelf
37 2009-05-12T22:01:34Z zooko update links, edit
36 2009-03-05T03:52:17Z zooko further notes about insecurity of EnRUPT
35 2009-03-04T21:50:18Z zooko edit irRUPT security
34 2009-03-02T21:43:42Z zooko add cryptanalysis of tiger
33 2008-11-09T14:49:49Z zooko typo fix
32 2008-11-09T14:49:19Z zooko edit
31 2008-11-09T14:45:24Z zooko typo
30 2008-11-09T14:44:56Z zooko edit
29 2008-11-09T14:44:06Z zooko fix subtle semantic bug
28 2008-11-09T14:43:39Z zooko add praise of reiser3
27 2008-11-09T14:40:29Z zooko add ChaChaCha?
26 2008-11-09T14:37:06Z zooko add note about irRUPT
25 2008-08-22T12:31:12Z zooko link to TR benchmarking zfec
24 2008-08-22T11:51:18Z zooko re-organize a bit
23 2008-08-01T15:16:56Z zooko add link to defectoscopy
22 2008-07-05T19:05:33Z zooko explain about brainpool curves more
21 2008-05-30T00:59:05Z warner add link to the plank erasure-coding page, from the old ShareEncoding? page
20 2008-05-16T21:20:06Z zooko add notes about hash functions
19 2008-05-08T23:08:12Z zooko reorganize a bit
18 2008-05-08T23:07:19Z zooko add new fast ecc
17 2008-05-08T23:06:19Z zooko add EnRUPT
16 2008-05-08T22:47:53Z zooko subcategories of crypto
15 2008-05-08T18:44:18Z zooko formatting
14 2008-05-08T18:42:58Z zooko add papers about failures of local filesystems
13 2008-05-08T16:00:56Z zooko add link to IRON Filesystems paper
12 2008-04-10T00:41:22Z zooko add brainpool ecc rfc
11 2008-03-21T21:19:37Z zooko
10 2008-03-21T21:19:28Z zooko more Salsa20
9 2008-03-21T20:28:58Z zooko add Salsa20 design
8 2008-03-21T00:26:34Z zooko add link to TCP Throughput Collapse in Cluster Storage
7 2008-03-20T17:48:16Z zooko edit and add Brief History of Consensus, 2PC and TC
6 2008-03-20T17:46:54Z zooko layout
5 2007-10-22T22:36:16Z zooko add dynamo
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