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Views into the process of Tahoe hackery.

The Most Important Parts

  • The Roadmap page (linked at the top of each page) shows the next planned release and what improvements and bugfixes we are working on.
  • The Doc page contains extensive documentation, which is very useful guide for hacking.


  • The tahoe-dev mailing list is the community forum for discussion of Tahoe design, implementation, and usage.
  • Tahoe hackers chat on For historical reasons, we tend to gather in channel #mnet.
  • The CREDITS file contains names people who have contributed to the Tahoe project.


  • Tahoe has a programmatic API which enables building custom applications on top of the storage infrastructure.
  • The webapi.txt document shows how to control a Tahoe node programmatically.
  • The Extension Page lists extension projects and extension development resources.

Source Code

  • Run darcs get tahoe to grab a copy of the source code using darcs.
  • contains snapshots of current source code.
  • The Buildbot page (linked at the top of each page) shows current build and test results.
  • The Timeline (linked at the top of each page) shows changes to the source code, the issue tickets, and the wiki (i.e. this web site).
  • The darcs patch browser allows you to answer questions like "Which lines did this patch change?" and "Which patches changed this line?".
  • The code coverage statistics show which lines of code get exercised by the unit tests.
    • Archived data is also available.
    • This graph shows how code coverage has changed over time, measuring what percentage of the allmydata codebase is covered.
    • This one measures the number of lines that are not covered, which gives better resolution than the percentage-wise graph.
  • The Packaging page shows our currently policy for how to re-use 3rd-party libraries and how to distribute Tahoe to users.
  • How to Submit Patches


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