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make it more clear that $DIST is a variable

At this time, precompiled packages are available only for Debian-like systems, using recent releases of Debian or Ubuntu.

To install debian packages for edgy, feisty, or etch from our APT repository, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list, replacing the word $DIST with edgy, feisty, or etch as appropriate. (If you are running Debian lenny, use the etch packages.)

deb  $DIST  main tahoe
deb-src  $DIST  main tahoe

Then update and install the allmydata-tahoe package. apt-get will automatically acquire a foolscap .deb package from the same location in order to satisfy its dependencies. These packages are generated each time the code is changed, and represent the most up-to-date (read "unstable") version available. The usual warnings about no guarantees apply: it might cause your computer to catch fire, might steal your dog, etc.

After installing see the [ the README file] for how to use it.

There are no pre-built packages available for dapper or sarge, as these releases are too old to provide the necessary support packages (python-central, setuptools, etc). You can probably still install from source on these releases, however.



While the tahoe package on edgy will install, it appears that the version of Nevow (0.7.0) which shipped with edgy is broken (ubuntu bug #61423), preventing the tahoe node's webserver from running. The symptom is an exception at node startup that looks like this:

  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.4/formless/", line 17, in ?
     from nevow.compy import Interface, MetaInterface
exceptions.ImportError: cannot import name MetaInterface

We do not yet know of a solid workaround for this. One suggestion is to comment out the "from allmydata.webish import WebishServer?" line from allmydata/ and not use the 'webport' feature. Another is to modify formless/ and try to fix that import problem. A third is to find a backport of a newer version of nevow.