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114 2015-10-30T09:06:12Z daira avoid "dumb"
113 2015-10-04T01:00:30Z daira current status of MDMF
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111 2014-11-01T23:48:16Z igor wrong Q number
110 2014-10-20T18:47:50Z zooko add FAQ about backups of root caps
109 2014-08-31T15:43:05Z zooko remove suggestion that you can use FUSE/sshfs
108 2014-08-05T20:42:38Z zooko link Q0 to Q23
107 2014-08-05T20:41:24Z zooko add clearer warning about performance of FUSE
106 2014-08-05T20:36:03Z zooko optimize out some unnecessary stuff
105 2014-07-15T17:56:49Z zooko remove mention of obsolete thing
104 2014-05-30T19:20:50Z zooko link to drew perttula's hall of fame
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100 2013-10-11T15:36:01Z zooko tweak formatting of link, add ref to #648
99 2013-10-11T15:31:58Z Kload
98 2013-07-29T10:30:50Z daira Thinko
97 2013-07-29T10:28:31Z daira describe the difference between erasure coding and secret sharing
96 2013-07-27T02:10:23Z daira IDAs have different security properties to erasure coding
95 2013-06-06T09:24:09Z luckyredhot "Q32_remove_node" added
94 2013-04-25T19:41:15Z luckyredhot
93 2013-04-25T18:39:00Z zooko edit for clarity
92 2013-04-25T11:28:00Z luckyredhot Added: Q30: How can I prevent intruders from using my Tahoe-LAFS …
91 2013-04-23T18:30:57Z zooko edit for english usage
90 2013-04-23T18:17:56Z zooko clarify about fuse performance issues
89 2013-04-23T17:21:21Z zooko fill in the answer to 15.1
88 2013-04-23T15:00:37Z zooko fix formatting
87 2013-03-14T15:51:07Z ClashTheBunny make "convergence secret" point to Convergence Secret doc
86 2013-03-14T13:12:56Z luckyredhot
85 2013-03-05T13:35:42Z luckyredhot
84 2013-01-28T22:42:18Z zooko added Q15.1 dedupe dangers
83 2012-12-13T11:04:15Z C-Keen Add Question about ipv6
82 2012-10-03T19:56:40Z zooko make links to source all go to /git/, not to /trunk/, to avoid …
81 2012-10-03T17:38:22Z tahoelafsfcc changed architecture.rst to display in browser instead of download. …
80 2012-09-13T20:48:34Z zooko formatting
79 2012-09-13T20:48:17Z zooko link to bittorrent on wikipedia
78 2012-09-13T20:45:10Z zooko formatting
77 2012-09-13T20:41:47Z zooko add Q0: What is it
76 2012-08-07T19:10:23Z thequux Question 15 accidentally an entire word.
75 2012-07-09T19:14:28Z zooko add FAQ What do I do about this compile error?
74 2012-05-23T16:12:43Z zooko fix link to François's buildslave
73 2012-05-23T16:10:55Z zooko added some details to Q5
72 2012-04-18T21:54:14Z zooko link to wiki page on server selection
71 2012-04-18T21:44:27Z zooko add a suggested solution for Q8
70 2012-03-23T13:55:48Z zooko add fuller answer to Q25 share spreading
69 2012-03-23T13:08:20Z amir added ticket numbers to Q25
68 2012-03-22T00:43:35Z amir added Q25 about spreading shares to new storage servers
67 2012-02-09T08:23:57Z vikarti
66 2012-02-09T08:22:50Z vikarti
65 2012-02-09T08:22:00Z vikarti posting per IRC discussion. please update
64 2012-01-23T16:52:06Z zooko really fix link to about.rst
63 2012-01-23T16:50:45Z zooko fix link to about.rst ; thanks ndurner
62 2012-01-23T05:50:33Z zooko link to wiki page about pyfilesystem
61 2012-01-23T05:48:07Z zooko Q: FUSE? A: YES!
60 2011-11-26T20:17:49Z zooko make all links as relative as possible (trac links if possible, then …
59 2011-11-26T20:05:48Z socrates1024
58 2011-11-26T03:30:27Z davidsarah a client might do stuff automatically in the background in future
57 2011-11-26T03:26:57Z davidsarah Q15: document existing FURL gotcha
56 2011-11-25T17:39:32Z davidsarah Q2: typically-used parameters -> default parameters
55 2011-11-25T17:37:46Z davidsarah A1.5 -> A
54 2011-11-25T17:24:32Z zooko add FAQ -- what's the difference from Freenet?
53 2011-10-10T07:07:36Z tjgillies edited for context and added link to issue
52 2011-10-10T06:55:01Z tjgillies added another question about NAT
51 2011-07-22T22:30:19Z zooko add Q19_repair
50 2011-07-22T22:09:55Z zooko add an anchor link for each question
49 2011-07-22T18:49:30Z msimoni added another pointer to revocation-related thread
48 2011-07-22T18:42:55Z msimoni added pointer to mailing list message about revocation by Brian Warner
47 2011-07-22T18:39:58Z msimoni added pointers to mailing list threads about revocation
46 2011-07-21T20:43:10Z zooko many changes, additions, editing
45 2011-07-19T16:44:07Z davidsarah minor grammar
44 2011-07-19T03:46:54Z T_X
43 2011-05-19T20:59:45Z zooko correct RAID terminology (reported by Daniel Kahn Gillmor) and remove …
42 2011-05-19T15:54:29Z zooko edits for language
41 2011-05-19T15:53:36Z zooko
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34 2010-12-30T09:23:34Z zooko formatting
33 2010-12-30T09:21:09Z zooko Nat asked a question. FAQ!
32 2010-10-22T00:43:18Z davidsarah say that allmydata windows client is not actively maintained
31 2010-10-22T00:36:17Z davidsarah fix architecture.rst link
30 2010-10-22T00:34:41Z davidsarah typo
29 2010-10-22T00:34:28Z davidsarah grammar in answer A1
28 2010-10-20T04:43:02Z freestorm Added multiple introducer question
27 2010-10-08T19:30:36Z freestorm Added Q/A from mailling list: …
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20 2010-05-22T14:20:21Z francois
19 2010-05-14T21:09:21Z freestorm Add questions and answers from the mailing list
18 2010-04-21T17:10:10Z zooko quickstart quickstart quickstart whee
17 2010-03-08T08:08:12Z zooko edit
16 2010-03-08T08:07:25Z zooko remove older answer
15 2010-03-08T08:04:58Z zooko advertise Tahoe-LAFS as being OSSM even if you don't want security
14 2010-03-08T05:54:24Z zooko fix formatting
13 2010-03-08T05:53:35Z zooko add Mac
12 2010-03-07T20:20:47Z zooko formatting
11 2010-02-11T01:24:23Z secorp adding question/answer about skipping the encryption phase
10 2009-12-09T17:31:16Z zooko describe and link to Zandr's build report
9 2009-11-28T20:13:47Z zooko add FAQ: Does It Work On Windows?
8 2009-11-18T18:43:03Z zooko editing
7 2009-11-18T18:40:21Z zooko added FAQ: embedded devices
6 2009-10-20T02:55:04Z davidsarah
5 2009-10-20T02:54:51Z davidsarah add link to architecture doc
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3 2009-10-19T23:06:57Z zooko dang it I always forget the order of trac hyperlink markup
2 2009-10-19T23:06:29Z zooko link to Other Distributed Storage Systems
1 2009-10-19T23:05:43Z zooko the first few FAQs. (?)