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    8888== Building Things On Top Of Tahoe ==
    89  * an interactive tree browser web frontend in !JavaScript (Nathan has written most of one -- what can it grow into?)
    90  * Extend and improve the {{{tiddly_on_tahoe}}} implementation.
    91  * Port another light-weight open source web app to Tahoe-LAFS+javascript (calendar, photo album, [ Bespin]).
     90There are a lot of applications that could potentially make good use of Tahoe replacing the typical centralized storage of flat files or SQL databases. Currently supported projects include [ TiddlyWiki] (one of the Tahoe developers hosts his blog using [ TiddlyWiki stored in Tahoe]), [ Hadoop], and [RelatedProjects a number of others].
     92There are still many useful and interesting things that have yet to be built using Tahoe. Perhaps the most promising is in the area of web applications; what applications can you think of that could make use of a highly reliable filesystem accessible from both desktops and [ handheld devices]? Keep in mind that Tahoe's architecture allows sharing and delegation opportunities that are difficult or impossible to implement using other backends. Some ideas people have suggested include a calender or photo album, or porting Mozilla's [ Bespin] editor).
     94Nathan Wilcox wrote most of interactive tree browser frontend in !JavaScript; what interesting ways might this be extended?
     96This is in some ways the most interesting area for development as it combines security and distributed systems problems with providing a user interface that lets a person who isn't particularly security minded operate safely by default. This is a hard problem, but offers great rewards in terms of learning, and even the ability to break new ground in safe-by-default interface design.
    9398= Mentors =
    97102 * [ Jack Lloyd] (C/C++/Python, cryptography)
    98103 * David-Sarah Hopwood (david-sarah at (Python/C/JavaScript, SFTP frontend, security+cryptography)