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Tahoe-LAFS Summer-of-Code Projects

This page contains specific suggestions for projects we would like to see in the Summer of Code. Note that they vary a lot in required skills and difficulty. We hope to get applications with a broad spectrum.

If you are interested in working on any of these projects, please contact the developers referenced next to each item.

In addition, you may wish to discuss your proposal on IRC -- join us on #tahoe-lafs on

We encourage you to come up with your own suggestions, if you cannot find a suitable project here. You can find more project ideas by exploring the issue tracker. Especially see tickets labelled 'gsoc' (developers: please add this label to any tickets that might make a good GSoC project).

Deadlines and directions for students' applications to the Google Summer-of-Code can be found on the Google pages.

Redundant Array of Independent Clouds

Project summary:

  • Estimated difficulty: Medium
  • Contact: Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn

See the RAIC diagram. Add backends to the storage servers so that they store their shares on a cloud storage system instead of on their local filesystem. See #999 for details, including pointers to the relevant source code.


Who is willing to spend about five hours a week (estimated) helping a student do it right?

This page was modelled on the NetBSD Summer-of-Code page.