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    77Either [//cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tahoe-dev subscribe to tahoe-dev] and send a message to that list describing your problem, or [/register register on this issue tracker] and open a ticket describing your problem. Always include the following information (which is quick and easy for you to include):
    8  * the symptoms of the problem; Resist the urge to guess about what the underlying cause of the problem is — like they used to say on [|on "Dragnet"]: "All we want are the facts."
     8 * the symptoms of the problem (see below)
    99 * the version of Tahoe-LAFS that you are using; If unsure, run {{{tahoe --version}}} or look at the welcome page on the web user interface. All of the version numbers listed are potentially useful, so just cut and paste them all into your report, or if that is inconvenient for some reason then just tell us the {{{allmydata-tahoe}}} version number.
    1010 * if the problem happens every time or if it is sporadic; Exactly when the problem does and doesn't manifest itself is usually the best clue for us to start with.
     12= What symptoms do we need to know? =
     14* What went wrong / What didn't work.
     15* The cut-and-paste of the complete output of any error message.
     17= Log files =
    1219If you don't mind taking an extra few minutes of your time to include the log files, then please include them with your bug report. You can find them in the {{{logs}}} subdirectory of the Tahoe-LAFS base directory. The log file named {{{twistd.log}}} might be useful, and any log files which are located in the {{{logs/incidents}}} subdirectory and which have timestamps around the time of the problem might be useful.