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Download Tahoe-LAFS

The current version is 1.10.0. [source:docs/quickstart.rst Run this release from source.]


Install one of the OS packages below. These packages may be for an earlier release.

(Note: running Tahoe-LAFS does not require system-wide installation nor root privileges.)

Ubuntu lucid, oneiric, precise, quantal

Official Packages Buildbot
# apt-get install tahoe-lafs

Debian sid (unstable), wheezy (testing)

Official Packages Buildbot
# apt-get install tahoe-lafs

Slackware 14.0, 13.37, 13.1, 13.0

SlackBuilds.Org Repository Slackware64 Buildbots: 14.0 -current


# nix-env -i tahoe-lafs

Arch Linux

Official Packages
# pacman -S tahoe-lafs


Official Packages Buildbot
# pkg_add tahoe-lafs

see also

Wiki pages for Tahoe-LAFS developers and packagers: wiki:OSPackages, wiki:Manual, wiki:Packaging, wiki:NewbieDeveloperSetup, wiki:CompileError, and wiki:FAQ