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Setting up a local test grid

  1. Create a directory for the grid:
mkdir tahoe-grid && cd tahoe-grid 
  1. Create an introducer and start it so that an introducer FURL is generated (we need this for the next step):
tahoe create-introducer node-0
tahoe start node-0 && tahoe stop node-0
  1. Create a client node (serve WUI on a non-default port so as not to compete with your working tahoe installation):
tahoe create-node -i `cat node-0/introducer.furl` --no-storage -p 3460 -n node-1 node-1 
  1. Create some storage nodes:
for i in {2..9}; do tahoe create-node -i `cat node-0/introducer.furl` -p none -n node-$i node-$i; done 
  1. Start the grid!:
for i in {0..9}; do tahoe start node-$i; done 
  1. Check it worked:
tahoe webopen -d node-1