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Tahoe-LAFS Local Plugins

  1. Overview
  2. Current Plugins
  3. Obsolete Plugins
  4. Testing


This is the README for munin local plugins for Tahoe-LAFS (see ticket #966).

These plugins are used with Tahoe-LAFS grids that do not use a stats-gatherer.

Some plugins use json url and others need local access to the storage directory (needs a new column in the table below).

For configuration information, please see each individual plugin.

Current Plugins

tahoe_files Shows the number of files hosted by this node's storage server
tahoe_diskfelt Shows how much free space is left on all disks across the grid
tahoe_diskusage Shows the estimated disk usage per unit time, totaled across all storage servers
tahoe_diskused Shows the total amount of disk space used across the grid
tahoe_disktotal Shows the total amount of disk space present in the grid, and how much of it is currently being used
tahoe_doomsday Shows the estimated number of days left until storage space is exhausted
tahoe_introstats Shows the number of hosts announcing and subscribing to various services
tahoe_nodememory Shows the memory used by specific processes
tahoe_helperstats_active Shows the number of files being actively processed by the helper
tahoe_helperstats_fetched Shows the amount of data being fetched by the helper
tahoe_server_latency_ Shows the latency statistic for a given operation and percentile from a set of storage servers
tahoe_server_operations_ Shows operations-per-second from a set of storage servers
tahoe_storagespace Shows the space consumed by server nodes
tahoe_estimate_files Shows the estimated number of files and directories present in the grid

Obsolete Plugins

These munin plugins are obsolete because they were designed for the customer database at

These plugins require a source of 'tahoe deep-size' results for all rootcaps that reference data in your grid. If you are managing a grid where you have this information, these scripts may still prove useful.

tahoe_overhead Shows the estimated amount of storage overhead (ratio of actual disk usage to ideal disk usage)
tahoe_spacetime Shows the estimated number of days left until storage space is exhausted
tahoe_rootdir_space Shows the amount of space consumed by all files reachable from a given directory


To test a plugin you can run: munin-run <plugin_file>

For example:

# munin-run tahoe_diskleft
disk_left.value 670599436800

To display graph configuration add 'config' at the end of command line:

#  munin-run tahoe_diskleft config
graph_title Tahoe-LAFS Remaining Disk Space
graph_vlabel bytes remaining
graph_category Tahoe-LAFS
graph_info This graph shows the total amount of disk space left available in the grid
disk_left.label disk left
disk_left.draw LINE1