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update wrt Slackware 14.2 on SBo

Attention: this page is for Tahoe-LAFS developers. If you are not a Tahoe-LAFS developer, then the page you want is quickstart.rst.

see also: wiki:Installation, wiki:Packaging, wiki:Manual, wiki:NewbieDeveloperSetup, and wiki:CompileError

Packages of Tahoe-LAFS

Tahoe-LAFS is integrated into the packaging systems of several operating systems:

PlatformPlatform versionTahoe-LAFS version
(page on platform site)
notes Continuous integration
Continuous integration
on platform site
debian logoDebiansid1.9.2

to build a package from source: apt-get build-dep tahoe-lafs && apt-get source --compile tahoe-lafs

#2131 tracks PPA creation WIP

Eugen - .deb,
Arthur - .deb,

Micah Anderson <micah@…>,
Bert Agaz <bertagaz@…>,
Julian Taylor <jtaylor.debian@…>ixos

ubuntu logoUbuntu

10.04 Lucid1.6.1+security fixZandr -
11.10 Oneiric1.8.3--
12.04 LTS Precise1.8.3--
12.10 Quantal1.9.2--
13.04 Raring (not yet released)1.9.2--
nixos logoNixOSnixpkgs b4687c6966161.9.2--hydra ludo, simons
freebsd logoFreeBSD??-Randy- ?
netbsd logoNetBSD (pkgsrc)head, 2010Q31.9.2 PkgSrcMarc-gdt
arch linux logoArchLinux 1.9.2---Nicolas Pouillard, Peter Simons
fedora logoFedora -----
slackware logoSlackware - Howto slackhorse (Slackware64 stable) -Markus Reichelt <mr# mareichelt. com>
gentoo logoGentoo-1.10.0---Julian Ospald <hasufell@…>

Foolscap & Tahoe-LAFS patched for use on I2P (with support for multiple introducers)

(Note: Tahoe-LAFS installed using these methods *WILL* still work outside of I2P)

Patches from #68, #1007, and #1010 have been applied to the tahoe-lafs source. Patches from Foolscap #150 and Foolscap #151 have been applied to the foolscap source.

PlatformPlatform versionTahoe-LAFS versionFoolscap versionnotesPeople
debian logoDebianSqueeze
1.9.2 (I2P Internal URL)0.6.4 (I2P Internal URL)

to build packages from the PPA from source:
apt-get build-dep i2p-tahoe-lafs && apt-get source --compile i2p-tahoe-lafs
apt-get build-dep python-i2p-foolscap && apt-get source --compile python-i2p-foolscap

Users have reported success installing packages from the PPA in Debian

kytv <killyourtv@…>

ubuntu logoUbuntu

10.04 Lucid1.
10.10 Maverick1.
11.04 Natty1.
11.10 Oneiric1.
12.04 Precise1.
Linux/*BSD/OSXAny1.9.2 (I2P Internal URL) 0.6.4 Script that will download, patch, and compile source (and dependencies) for use on I2P. duck <duck@…>,
smeghead <smeghead@…>,
kytv <killyourtv@…>
Windows Any1.9.2 (I2P Internal URL)
0.6.4 Innosetup installer that includes a bb-"frozen" copy of Tahoe-LAFS for use on I2P.
No patching or compiling necessary. All dependencies, including python, are in the archive.
duck <duck@…>,
smeghead <smeghead@…>,
kytv <killyourtv@…>

a copy of Tahoe-LAFS embedded into other software

ProjectProject versionTahoe-LAFS versionPeople
Tamias0. Lorchat

Tahoe-LAFS bundles/packages/virtual machine images/live CDs

PlatformPlatform versionTahoe-LAFS versionFoolscap versionnotesPeople
OpenSuse Live CDOpenSuse Renat

Container Images

PlatformTahoe-LAFS versionURLsnotespeople
Docker trunk, 1.10.1, 1.10.2 docker run tahoelafs/base:devel for trunk, tahoelafs/base:latest for most recent release amontero

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