Change History for Performance

Version Date Author Comment
41 2013-12-25T18:56:21Z zooko tracify and/or relativize links
40 2013-11-15T14:47:23Z brimstone Updated links to point to proper subdomain
39 2012-03-29T15:54:34Z zooko add links to tickets.
38 2011-09-23T06:07:22Z warner new page for Sep-2011 atlasperf1 report
37 2011-09-19T03:28:44Z zooko add link to Brian's new benchmarks
36 2011-08-18T20:24:54Z zooko fix link to Nathan Eisenberg's benchmarks
35 2011-07-15T19:20:50Z zooko add a few more performance notes
34 2011-04-11T17:20:59Z zooko notes about modern benchmarking
33 2011-04-11T16:22:21Z zooko link to Performance/Old
32 2010-02-20T05:57:37Z zooko another typo
31 2010-02-20T05:55:29Z zooko fix typo
30 2010-02-20T05:55:00Z zooko add ugly Disclaimer alleging that our measurements are useless :-(
29 2008-02-27T23:38:07Z warner fix relative links that are interpreted differently in this new …
28 2008-02-14T14:46:10Z zooko remove the section about storage index count
27 2008-01-30T19:09:19Z warner add SSK rate graph link
26 2008-01-30T19:04:18Z warner update SSK latency/creation-time graph links
25 2007-12-19T04:13:07Z warner add mostly-download load test data
24 2007-12-19T02:54:07Z zooko
23 2007-12-19T02:52:58Z zooko
22 2007-12-19T02:12:45Z warner add another set of load-testing results, with 1MB mean file size
21 2007-12-19T00:46:10Z warner add notes on load testing
20 2007-12-14T09:30:11Z warner oops, fix href
19 2007-12-14T09:28:25Z warner add link to the SSK-delay graph
18 2007-12-09T12:55:02Z zooko change a date format
17 2007-11-14T21:01:56Z warner pycryptopp costs 6MB on 32-bit, 17MB on 64-bit.
16 2007-10-31T18:38:44Z warner explain the sometimes-slow DSL results
15 2007-10-22T20:04:35Z zooko in-line the Memory Page
14 2007-10-22T20:01:57Z zooko edits
13 2007-09-27T01:21:28Z warner
12 2007-09-27T01:21:12Z warner fix typo
11 2007-09-27T01:20:52Z warner add 64-bit memcheck graph
10 2007-09-26T22:08:02Z warner add link to #150 in the discussion of storage-server ext3 directory …
9 2007-09-26T22:07:00Z warner add delay_rtt graph
8 2007-09-26T03:51:29Z warner add links to munin speed graphs: delay and rate
7 2007-09-23T15:48:34Z zooko formatting
6 2007-09-09T06:54:05Z warner
5 2007-09-09T00:43:31Z warner
4 2007-09-09T00:42:51Z warner
3 2007-09-09T00:41:42Z warner
2 2007-09-09T00:09:46Z warner
1 2007-09-08T21:47:37Z warner intial thoughts/tests on performance