Change History for SftpFrontend

Version Date Author Comment
97 2021-01-08T16:42:39Z exarkun Getting rid of FTP -
96 2017-02-05T12:29:35Z daira Link about OSXFUSE merger with Fuse4X
95 2017-02-05T12:24:06Z daira Update OS X section
94 2017-02-05T12:14:32Z daira Delete text about old bugs that are not relevant for Tahoe 1.10.0+
93 2017-02-05T12:08:00Z daira Wording about dates
92 2017-02-05T12:04:35Z daira Pycrypto is no longer used with recent Twisted
91 2015-04-16T20:56:53Z daira express skepticism about TRAMP's use of gvfs-FUSE
90 2015-04-16T20:54:22Z daira fix TRAMP URL
89 2015-04-16T20:52:40Z daira add comment by Gabe about TRAMP/GVFS
88 2013-10-17T14:46:36Z daira don't know whether PyCrypto? > 2.4.1 is vulnerable to timing attacks
87 2013-10-17T14:40:34Z daira PyCrypto? 2.4.1 is vulnerable to timing attacks
86 2013-05-23T16:31:59Z daira cosmetics -- version numbers
85 2013-05-23T16:30:39Z daira update information on rekeying bug and Twisted compatibility for …
84 2012-06-16T23:47:04Z davidsarah update discussion of Twisted rekeying bug
83 2012-04-02T20:59:53Z davidsarah say that OSXFUSE doesn't work; deemphasize Tuxera fork
82 2012-03-14T06:07:48Z davidsarah
81 2012-03-14T06:05:34Z davidsarah more precision in Emacs section
80 2012-03-12T00:50:06Z davidsarah separate Vim and Emacs sections
79 2012-03-11T22:25:27Z zooko be more specific about what purpose it defeats
78 2012-03-11T19:38:19Z lebek emacs/vim info
77 2012-01-24T10:51:31Z lebek typo, used -> use
76 2012-01-24T10:48:02Z lebek detail Fuse4X status, demote MacFUSE to "legacy support" option
75 2011-11-21T18:24:00Z davidsarah logging for sshfs. also recommend FUSE4X
74 2011-09-26T19:00:24Z davidsarah say how to unmount an sshfs filesystem
73 2011-09-26T18:56:41Z davidsarah don't mention Bryan Tri Pham MacFUSE fork (no source), and doesn't fix …
72 2011-08-31T23:09:15Z davidsarah fix write coordination link
71 2011-08-21T22:46:28Z davidsarah correct Bryan Tri Pham's name, and link to MacFUSE forks
70 2011-08-21T22:20:03Z davidsarah whether MacFUSE works on Snow Leopard probably depends on the kernel …
69 2011-08-21T22:04:27Z davidsarah don't know whether MacFUSE works on Snow Leopard (it uses a hybrid …
68 2011-08-21T21:57:30Z davidsarah document the MacFUSE mess
67 2011-05-25T21:58:39Z ChosenOne instead of localhost for winscp
66 2011-04-24T02:58:38Z zooko Twisted 11.0 fixes the rekeying issue
65 2011-04-24T02:57:30Z zooko reduce certainty of timing attacks against PyCrypto? AES, add timing …
64 2011-02-17T01:56:55Z davidsarah deleting a directory does not check that it is empty
63 2011-02-10T05:08:30Z davidsarah ! in front of FileZilla?
62 2011-02-02T00:29:07Z davidsarah FileZilla? options
61 2011-01-08T05:43:10Z davidsarah consistent advice for sshfs
60 2011-01-08T05:41:18Z davidsarah openssh/sshfs options
59 2011-01-08T05:34:36Z davidsarah more on disabling rekeying
58 2011-01-08T05:19:46Z davidsarah twisted rekeying bug
57 2010-12-12T06:49:56Z davidsarah fix rst links
56 2010-10-31T02:28:24Z davidsarah typo
55 2010-10-31T02:28:01Z davidsarah fix other FTP-and-SFTP link
54 2010-10-31T02:26:26Z davidsarah fix FTP-and-SFTP link temporarily
53 2010-10-24T17:43:31Z davidsarah more .txt -> .rst
52 2010-10-24T17:42:24Z davidsarah FTP-and-SFTP.txt -> .rst
51 2010-08-29T03:30:18Z davidsarah suggest -o big_writes
50 2010-06-29T01:39:06Z davidsarah only access mutable parts of a filesystem via one sshfs mount
49 2010-06-29T01:20:09Z davidsarah punctuation
48 2010-06-29T01:18:44Z davidsarah add ref to #1105, and caveat to the statement about snapshotting being …
47 2010-06-29T00:58:38Z davidsarah document issue with concurrent reads and writes (#1105)
46 2010-06-22T20:13:24Z davidsarah assume 1.7.0
45 2010-06-22T20:11:04Z davidsarah assumes 1.7.0, not beta
44 2010-06-22T20:10:28Z davidsarah heading sizes
43 2010-06-22T20:07:51Z davidsarah WinSCP; reorder sections
42 2010-06-21T02:06:47Z davidsarah sshfs caching
41 2010-06-21T02:04:54Z davidsarah Y2037
40 2010-06-21T02:01:27Z davidsarah Y2106
39 2010-06-19T00:03:16Z davidsarah minor wording
38 2010-06-19T00:02:23Z davidsarah nitpick (fields -> attributes)
37 2010-06-18T23:58:55Z davidsarah Server keys with passphrases not supported; be more precise about …
36 2010-06-17T21:53:27Z davidsarah
35 2010-06-17T21:52:40Z davidsarah
34 2010-06-17T21:50:59Z davidsarah wrong section heading
33 2010-06-17T21:50:34Z davidsarah more about non-UTF-8 clients
32 2010-06-17T21:44:08Z davidsarah ref ticket #1089
31 2010-06-13T19:13:17Z davidsarah WinSCP workaround
30 2010-06-13T16:45:30Z davidsarah directory listing bug
29 2010-06-13T16:42:44Z davidsarah paragraph split in security section
28 2010-06-13T16:08:00Z zooko advice for SFTP users re: AES timing attack
27 2010-06-13T00:54:09Z davidsarah unlink PyCrypto
26 2010-06-13T00:52:51Z davidsarah security section
25 2010-06-12T05:18:31Z davidsarah ctime/mtime caveats
24 2010-06-09T23:05:32Z davidsarah be even more precise about concurrent writes
23 2010-06-09T23:00:18Z davidsarah link for MacFUSE
22 2010-06-09T22:57:31Z davidsarah 1.7.0 -> 1.7.0β; Non-Unicode filenames section; ref for …
21 2010-05-30T17:51:06Z davidsarah
20 2010-05-30T17:50:19Z davidsarah permissions
19 2010-05-30T17:13:46Z davidsarah
18 2010-05-30T17:12:17Z davidsarah punctuation
17 2010-05-30T17:11:35Z davidsarah performance
16 2010-05-29T03:52:35Z davidsarah links for gvfs
15 2010-05-29T03:47:42Z davidsarah be a little more precise about concurrent writes
14 2010-05-29T03:44:30Z davidsarah unlink TextEdit
13 2010-05-29T03:43:55Z davidsarah TextEdit? and vi
12 2010-05-29T03:40:48Z davidsarah unlink OpenOffice
11 2010-05-29T03:40:18Z davidsarah OpenOffice?
10 2010-05-29T03:33:31Z davidsarah
9 2010-05-29T03:29:56Z davidsarah files can be visible via SFTP but not via other frontends while uploading
8 2010-05-29T03:25:38Z davidsarah discuss concurrent writes and snapshotting on read
7 2010-05-28T23:03:29Z davidsarah
6 2010-05-28T23:01:31Z davidsarah
5 2010-05-28T22:58:56Z davidsarah extended attribute files
4 2010-05-28T22:44:26Z davidsarah wrong ticket number #1045 -> #1041. also reference #1059
3 2010-05-28T22:26:40Z davidsarah Link to sshfs patch
2 2010-05-28T21:45:00Z davidsarah
1 2010-05-28T21:35:58Z davidsarah Initial version