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clarifying, this is about the first one

The first Tahoe-LAFS Summit

This is a loosely organized gathering of Tahoe-LAFS developers, enthusiasts, and perhaps some hecklers.

Dates / Location

2011-06-27 through 2011-06-30 in San Francisco.

Our default "home base" will be the noisebridge hackerspace at 2169 Mission St. If the front gate is closed, press the buzzer (or use an alternate method). Feel free to explore or relax in this space at any time, it is always open to the public.

Live Stream


  • Monday, 2011-06-27:
    • 17:00 - optional dinner together (email zooko@… for details)
    • 19:00 - Welcome, Announcements (Zooko has a couple of things to say), Get To Know Each Other
    • 20:00 - Grid Raising Party at Noisebridge
  • Tuesday, 2011-06-28:
    • All-Day Deep Design With Brian: append-only backup caps!
      • 8:30 early birds breakfast @ Boogaloo's
      • 10:00 Brian arrives at Noisebridge
      • 13:00-15:00 lunch
      • Nothing is allowed on this day that doesn't help the core developers work out a thorough design for some major features or others.
      • Output of this day: design notes, whiteboard photos, maybe docs/tests/code.
  • Wednesday and Thursday, 2011-06-29 and 2011-06-30:
    • Hackety hack hack hack. Anyone who wants to writes code, including possibly working on whatever major new feature we got all excited about on Tuesday.
    • Poll attendees (and passing strangers, and the internets) for opinions about when the next summit should be.
  • Thursday, 2011-06-30:

Help Needed

  • Help! Nejucomo, who ran the very popular livestream at the kick-off meeting, had to leave town and isn't here for the wrap-up meeting. He left notes about how to livestream via

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