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testnet is now at 0.5.1, also default num_shares is now 10 instead of 100

The Public Test Grid

How To Connect To The Public Test Grid

The test grid is subject to being updated at random times, so compatibility is likely to break without notice. Also note that many upgrades require all files and directories to be flushed, especially as storage formats change.

The test grid is currently running v0.5.1 (note that this is incompatible with the 0.4.0 release).

After installing the code according to the README, set up a client node with the following files in its base directory:

file namefile contents

Test Grid Statistics

Usage statistics are available for the public test grid.

count of directories in the grid

count of files stored in the grid

average shares per file

this hints at the number of nodes in the overall grid; If the number of hosts in the grid is less than 10, then shares_per_file should equal about 10/numhosts

total bytes consumed by all of the Tahoe test grid storage servers operated by Allmydata Inc.