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The volunteergrid is a tahoe storage grid from users for users. Contrary to the TestGrid–which may be flushed at any time for development/testing reasons–the volunteergrid is meant as a stable alternative to the commercial grid. It was proposed by Eugene L. in February 2009 and an introducer was set up by Zooko after the idea received a fair amount of praise. There are usually between 15 and 20 active server nodes, but new nodes are always welcome.

Setting up a volunteergrid (storage) node

  • Follow the install instructions
  • If your storage server is behind a firewall/NAT, please set up port forwarding to your tub.port and point tub.location to your external IP address (see configuration).
  • Set your introducer.furl to pb://6cypm5tfsv6ag43g3j5z74qx5nfxa2qq@,
  • Please subscribe to the volunteergrid-l mailing list - it is very low-traffic but might feature important announcements.
  • Add your node to the map.

Best practices

  • If you destroy data (by accident or decision), let us know! Please inform us on the mailing list or ping us on IRC.
  • Please provide at least as much space as you use. (Don't forget to consider the redundancy factor: If you upload 1 GB of data, the grid will receive 3.33 GB of encoded data (3-of-10 encoding = 10/3 x file size = 3.33 x file size).)



Introducer (

nooxie is located in a co-lo in San Francisco. It is an athlon64 server running release "NCP1" of Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris ( ). It has two identical SATA drives of about 33 GB capacity each in a ZFS RAID-Z mirror, at the time of this writing about 5 GB free. Its uptime is (on 2009-07-11), 72 days, which is when we upgraded it to Nexenta NCP1 final from an early beta release of Nexenta NCP1. uname -a says: SunOS nooxie 5.11 NexentaOS_20080312 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

Storage Nodes

Name Admin contact Location Notes/Status?
aogail-volunteergrid @ allmydata (at) Tigard, OR, USA
`Vapor' on wilcoxjg(at) CA, USA In Co-Lo, on VM
yukyuk (Zooko's amd64 linux workstation) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Boulder, CO, USA workstation -- DSL line (896 Kbps up according to Qwest, 686 Kbps up according to
ootles (Zooko's Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo laptop) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Boulder, CO, USA laptop (when it is at home, same DSL line as yukyuk)
draco (Zooko's Mac/PPC 867 MHz laptop) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Valhalla dead until further notice
francois1(at) francois(at) Lausanne, Switzerland
imp-ap01 IRC: ndurner Germany
trelbox IRC: terrell/trel1023 Chapel Hill, NC, USA iMac on cable modem (359 kbps up via
ndurdner IRC: ndurner Germany Workstation via cable modem (40 KB/s up)
SECORP_DOT_NET_<01-04> IRC: secorp ?? read-only
stockrt-terra ?? ??
trid<0,1> david(at) soultcer Austria david(at) soultcer France Feel free to use as helper or web gateway
`Toes' on wilcoxjg(at) CA, USA Using Dynamic DNS From Behind FW over Cable
kpreid@slimy USA
kpreid@eider USA Typically behind NAT, expect connection failures for now

mystery storage servers

The following appear in the introducer's list (on 2009-07-11) but have not been listed by their owners in storage servers above:

Nickname PeerID Connected? since First Announced Version gapnio7pehmn7qiibaavkqfpkhp36be2 Yes: to 14:41:04 11-Jul-2009 14:41:03 11-Jul-2009 0
warner@cookies tkl7xc45zqqz7ss2pc62epksxd7emb3m No 14:59:40 11-Jul-2009 14:41:03 11-Jul-2009 0
civodul 4up6nzffykkpimufzil2e77heuasarvd No 14:59:40 11-Jul-2009 14:41:03 11-Jul-2009 0