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The volunteergrid is a tahoe storage grid from users for users. Contrary to the TestGrid–which may be flushed at any time for development/testing reasons–the volunteergrid is meant as a stable alternative to the commercial grid. It was proposed by Eugene L. in February 2009 and an introducer was set up by Zooko after the idea received a fair amount of praise. This introducer unfortunately died when nooxie's upgrade went wrong. A new, more resilient, introducer was implemented by François Deppierraz in December 2009.

There are usually between 10 and 15 active server nodes, but new nodes are always welcome.

Setting up a volunteergrid (storage) node

  • Follow the install instructions
  • If your storage server is behind a firewall/NAT, please set up port forwarding to your tub.port and point tub.location to your external IP address (see configuration).
  • Set your WUI port (web.port) to 9797 (so that conventional http:localhost:9797/<some-filecap> URLs work).
  • Please subscribe to the volunteergrid-l mailing list - it is very low-traffic but might feature important announcements.
  • Add your node to the map.

Best practices

  • If you destroy data (by accident or decision), let us know! Please inform us on the mailing list or ping us on IRC.
  • Please provide at least as much space as you use. (Don't forget to consider the redundancy factor: If you upload 1 GB of data, the grid will receive 3.33 GB of encoded data (3-of-10 encoding = 10/3 x file size = 3.33 x file size).)




The introducer is currently run by François Deppierraz on, an OpenVZ VE running under Debian lenny.

In the unfortunate case where the current introducer disappear, the following people should be able to bring it back into life: Zooko, Brian Warner and David T. Ask on the mailing list or contact them directly.

Storage Nodes

Nodeid Name Admin contact Location Notes/Status
t6d76eso2w5za62uka5u2u23lug4bv42 ?? ??
xlnzwmko5inqjs4krxk35yj2sqjtb6ma francois1(at) francois(at) Lausanne, Switzerland
asrcmetfrh3k5ecusxasosibe7djzaza imp-ap01 IRC: ndurner Germany
w6o6wjm4a4bfxqiolyyy7kkfu5hzrfgy Kim ?? ??
xpu6hdv46lnkzfxox5tfn36mo3oo25eh kpreid@eider USA Typically behind NAT, outgoing connections only
m2sbabta5mc22ijtfkcidmpwbuxbp3bf kpreid@gobi USA Formerly kpreid@slimy. Outgoing only at the moment (2009-19-20), will reconfigure with port forward soon.
y652ecs6ebjrx7xhzjoxjuv7x55te4gi ndurner IRC: ndurner Germany Workstation via cable modem (40 KB/s up)
SECORP_DOT_NET_<01-04> IRC: secorp ?? Read-only
ufpafssvs63o2degftbo4i65mov6lqma soultcer-kat soultcer Austria
5ouv6kibslfodqbmifie3kfru2v5jnd7 trelbox IRC: terrell/trel1023 Chapel Hill, NC, USA iMac on cable modem (359 kbps up via
2bu4lxwam2vhlbxqy73shuiubxyswqmu soultcer Orlando, USA Feel free to use as [pb:// helper] or web gateway
xjy2clbqg3pdtk72tbwfi6v45wsa6nd5 yukyuk (Zooko's Athlon64 Linux workstation) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Boulder, CO, USA workstation -- DSL line (896 Kbps up according to Qwest, 686 Kbps up according to
ootles (Zooko's Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo laptop) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Boulder, CO, USA often unavailable
rhug4hslnh4zw7g46itgyjr6cbgrylhy `Vapor' on wilcoxjg(at) CA, USA Online as of 2010-02-13
sfairkwuo75srejbm4vm72n5rradagxh `Morpheus' on jacob(at) San Francisco, CA, USA Online as of 2010-03-03
o37y4uxp56n6qf6wlpy3mcctzurktaa3 jeremy(at) San Francisco, CA, USA Online as of 2010-03-03
3jdnu6gf3522xjre6rbtpzelccjbnqbd noisebridge_pony leif(at) San Francisco, CA, USA Online as of 2010-03-07
x2l47knnwwvfxonturznfh3n5hh7g7a2 FreeStorm-Alix IRC: FreeStorm Lausanne, Switzerland Online as of 2010-07-01 - ADSL 5000/500

Decomissioned/Lost Storage Nodes (by decomission date)

Nodeid Name Admin contact Last Location Notes/Status
draco (Zooko's Mac/PPC 867 MHz laptop) IRC: zooko / zooko(at) Valhalla Dead as of 2009-08-7
aogail-volunteergrid @ allmydata (at) Tigard, OR, USA Not seen since introducer change 2009-12-11
qdmr373dryfkbbtfk3yhek75c55hpvsv trid1 david(at) soultcer Austria All shares have been moved to other nodes as of 2009-12-17
nd74tvz6fayor6eancf3i665iacjwjgw kpreid@slimy / @gobi kpreid@… USA 2009-12-19 — shares moved to kpreid@gobi m2sbabta5mc22ijtfkcidmpwbuxbp3bf
3qwqblhkr467xvzjotqcvztigd3knmfc kpreid@gobi kpreid@… USA 2009-12-19 — created while reconfiguring a server, never actually used, current entry in introducer is leftover
wbxexhfu5qdjufmxwomsbuktf46pajkz `Toes' on wilcoxjg(at) Santa Cruz, CA, USA Online as of 2010-02-13