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update information about the test grid introducer


The introducer's furl is:


You can see this introducer's wui at .

nooxie is located in a co-lo in San Francisco. I'll let you know once I figure out how to add nooxie's location to .

Nooxie is an athlon64 server running release "NCP1" of Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris ( ). uname -a says:

SunOS nooxie 5.11 NexentaOS_20080312 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

It has two identical SATA drives of about 33 GB capacity each in a ZFS RAID-Z mirror, at the time of this writing about 5 GB free. Note that nooxie is not currently offering a storage server, only an introducer.

It's uptime is (on 2009-07-11), 72 days, which is when we upgraded it to Nexenta NCP1 final from an early beta release of Nexenta NCP1.)

The IP address is statically assigned, the domain name "" is included in the furl just for future robustness.

Common convergence file

The file private/convergence contains a secret key, which is used for creating file hashes. Please set it to an empty string (file-length should be 0 byte). This means that the same file doesn't have to be uploaded twice when uploaded by different persons, as the file hash will stay the same if both file and convergence is the same. Please refer to docs/configuration for more information about the security trade-offs this brings.

storages nodes

(It would be best if this information can somehow be tracked together with the map suggested in ticket #642.).

Name Admin contact Location
aogail-volunteergrid @ allmydata (at) Tigard, OR, USA
draco (Zooko's Mac/PPC 867 MHz laptop) IRC: zooko ???
francois1(at) ?? ??
trelbox IRC: terrell/trel1023 Chapel Hill, NC, USA
ndurdner IRC: ndurner ??
SECORP_DOT_NET_<01-04> IRC: secorp ??
stockrt-terra ?? ??
trid0 david(at) soultcer Austria


As the grid is meant to be stable, I think we should work out some rules regarding the usage, to prevent obsessive space usage by users who don't contribute, servers going offline with no warning (Tahoe is resistant against that, but what happens if multiple servers, maybe from the same admin, go away?), incompatible upgrades creating data loss (what happens when Tahoe 1.4 introduces a new storage format, rendering all the already stored chunks unusable), ...