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    6161                <p><b>2010-02-01</b> -- <a href="">v1.6 of Tahoe-LAFS</a> is Released! It features greatly improved performance, usability, and forward-compatibility, and deep-immutable directories.</p>
    6262                <p><b>2010-01-20</b> -- The <i>Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative</i>, a U.S.A. national cyber-defense initiative, has published a report brainstorming new ways to defend national security. The report <a href="[[national cyber defense report recommends Tahoe-LAFS]]">praises Tahoe-LAFS</a>!</p>
    63                 <p><b>2009-12-29</b> -- There was a <a href="">Tahoe-LAFS Workshop</a> at the <a href="">Chaos Communication Congress 2009</a> organized by François Deppierraz.</p>
    6563                <p><b>2009-10-30</b> -- Tahoe-LAFS will be presented at the RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco: <a href="">Your cloud storage provider does not need access to your data.</a></p>
    6764                <p><b>2009-10-02</b> -- Tahoe-LAFS was <a href=",%20BAH,%20HadoopWorldComplete.pdf
    6865">presented at HadoopWorld in New York City</a></p>
    69                 <p><b>2009-10-01</b> -- Tahoe-LAFS is <a href="">included in the next version of Ubuntu!</a></p>
    70                 <p><b>2009-09-06</b> -- Another interesting distributed file system - <a href="">Xtreemfs</a>.</p>
    7166                <p><b>2009-08-15</b> -- Allmydata has open-sourced its <a href="">Windows client</a>.</p>
    7267                <p><b>2009-08-04</b> -- Tahoe-LAFS is <a href="">reviewed by Ars Technica</a>.</p>
    7368                <p><b>2009-08-01</b> -- v1.5 released! This is a major release adding UI, performance, portability and forward-compatibility improvements and fixing a couple of small bugs.  Please see the <a href="">Release Notes.</a>
    74                 <p><b>2009-05-27</b> -- The <a href="">Open Knowledge Foundation</a> is now running a Tahoe-LAFS grid!</p>
    7569                <p><b>2009-05-07</b> -- The <em><strong>"Hack Tahoe!"</strong></em> Contest <a href="">Hall of Fame</a> has been updated to show a picture of Christian Grothoff's smiling face as he receives his personalized <em><strong>"I Hacked Tahoe"</strong></em> t-shirt.</p>
    7670                <p><b>2009-04-18</b> -- NEWSFLASH!  Tahoe-LAFS Developer Goes Crazy -- <a href="">Laptop Versus Axe!</a> -- Chaos On Stage At CodeCon -- Film at 11</p>