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Welcome to Allmydata "Tahoe"

Welcome to the Tahoe project, a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem. All of the source code is available under a Free Software, Open Source licence.

This filesystem is encrypted and spread over multiple peers in such a way that it remains available even when some of the peers are unavailable, malfunctioning, or malicious.

See the one-page overview.

The current version is targeted at hackers and users who are willing to use command-line tools or a hacker-oriented web user interface.

Get Started

Installing Tahoe tells how to install the software, how to run a node than can upload and download files, and how to set up your own private grid. Information how to connect to the public test grid operated by Allmydata, Inc. can be found on the TestGrid page.

The Doc page contains extensive documentation of what tahoe does, how to use it, and how to connect it to your own programs.

Get Involved

The tahoe-dev mailing list is the community forum for discussion of Tahoe design, implementation, and usage.

The Dev page is the place to start hacking on Tahoe. It has development tools (such as code coverage and patch browsing) and documentation.

Latest News

2008-01-08 -- Tahoe v0.7.0 released!

This release adds decentralized mutable files and directories, a FUSE interface, and a novel open source licence.

Please see the Release Notes.

other current news

The News page has other current news, blogs, etc.


See the Doc page for explanation of how Tahoe works.


Per the about page, Tahoe is offered under your choice of the GNU General Public License (v2 or later) or the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence. The Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, like the GNU General Public License, requires you to open source any derivative works, but unlike the GPL, it allows you to delay the open-sourcing of a derivative work for up to twelve months from the time that you distribute it.

See TracStartingPoints for how to use this bug tracker/source code browser/wiki.

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