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Welcome to Tahoe-LAFS

Tahoe-LAFS is a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant key-value store. All of the source code is available under a choice of two Free Software, Open Source licences. This filesystem is encrypted and spread over multiple peers in such a way that it remains available even when some of the peers are unavailable, malfunctioning, or malicious.

Tahoe-LAFS network topology schema, live from TestGrid !

The one-page summary explains the unique properties of this system.

Get Started

  • Darcs checkout: darcs get tahoe-trunk
  • Download and install it on your own system.
  • Try Tahoe-LAFS now! without installing it. (For more information see the TestGrid Page on the wiki.)

Get Involved


Sponsorship sponsors the Tahoe-LAFS project by providing hardware and data-center facilities along with the initial developer time. We are eternally grateful for their generous and public-spirited support. Please contact if you would like to sponsor Tahoe-LAFS too!


    You can sponsor the Tahoe-LAFS project!

News and interesting links

2009-12-29 -- There was a Tahoe-LAFS Workshop at the Chaos Communication Congress 2009 organized by François Deppierraz.

2009-10-30 -- Tahoe-LAFS will be presented at the RSA Conference 2010 in San Francisco: Your cloud storage provider does not need access to your data.

2009-10-02 -- Tahoe-LAFS was presented at HadoopWorld in New York City

2009-10-01 -- Tahoe-LAFS is included in the next version of Ubuntu!

2009-09-06 -- Another interesting distributed file system - Xtreemfs.

2009-08-15 -- Allmydata has open-sourced its Windows client.

2009-08-04 -- Tahoe-LAFS is reviewed by Ars Technica.

2009-08-01 -- v1.5 released! This is a major release adding UI, performance, portability and forward-compatibility improvements and fixing a couple of small bugs. Please see the Release Notes.

2009-05-27 -- The Open Knowledge Foundation is now running a Tahoe-LAFS grid!

2009-05-07 -- The "Hack Tahoe!" Contest Hall of Fame has been updated to show a picture of Christian Grothoff's smiling face as he receives his personalized "I Hacked Tahoe" t-shirt.

2009-04-18 -- NEWSFLASH! Tahoe-LAFS Developer Goes Crazy -- Laptop Versus Axe! -- Chaos On Stage At CodeCon -- Film at 11

See also the News page

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