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Welcome to Tahoe-LAFS

Tahoe-LAFS (Least Authority File System) is a Free Software/Open Source decentralized data store. It distributes your filesystem across multiple servers, and even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire filesystem continues to work correctly and to preserve your privacy and security.

The one-page summary explains the unique properties of this system.

Get Started

  • Darcs checkout: darcs get --lazy tahoe-lafs
  • Download and run it on your own system.
  • Try Tahoe-LAFS now! live on the web. (For more information see the TestGrid Page on the wiki.)

Get Involved

Read Some Nice Docs

Tahoe-LAFS network topology schema, live from TestGrid !

News and interesting links

2010-09-24 -- v1.8.0 Released! This release offers greatly improved performance and fault-tolerance of downloads. It also improves consistency of command-line options, internationalization on Windows, code organization, tests, logging, and packaging.

2010-07-19 -- v1.7.1 Released! This stable minor release adds several bugfixes and improvements in security, forward-compatibility, packaging, usability, and portability.

2010-06-18 -- v1.7.0 Released! This release adds a fully functional SFTP interface, support for non-ASCII character encodings, and a new upload algorithm which guarantees that each file is spread over multiple servers for fault-tolerance.

2010-05-25 -- Zooko presented Tahoe-LAFS at CONfidence 2010 in Kraków, Poland


    You can donate to the Tahoe-LAFS project:

  Bitcoin: Flattr: Flattr this PayPal:


About Us


Allmydata, Inc. sponsored the Tahoe-LAFS project by providing hardware and data-center facilities along with the initial developer time. We are eternally grateful for their generous and public-spirited support.

Google, Inc. is sponsoring Tahoe-LAFS through its Google Summer of Code program 2010.

Atlas Networks provides dedicated server hosting for scale and performance testing.

Please contact if you would like to sponsor Tahoe-LAFS too!

See also the News page

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