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Welcome to Allmydata "Tahoe"

The Allmydata "Tahoe" project is a distributed, fault-tolerant storage grid, available under a free-software license.

You can store files of any size in the grid and retrieve them with a cryptographically generated URI that securely identifies and decrypts that file. You can also organize files with filenames and directories, in the familiar style. The basic idea is that the data in this storage grid is spread over all participating nodes, using an algorithm that can recover the data even if a majority of the nodes are no longer available.

The code is currently functional, but it is targeted at hackers who are willing use a minimal, text-oriented web user interface.

Get Started

DownloadDebianPackages tells how to get prebuilt packages for a Debian-like system (including Ubuntu).

The the README file tells how to acquire and build the source code, how to run a node than can upload and download files, how to connect to the public test grid operated by Allmydata, Inc., and how to set up your own private grid.


Please see the following files for more information:

  • the release notes, announcing the first public release on May 2, 2007 and giving a general overview of why the Tahoe project exists
  • architecture.txt, explaining the design decisions that have given the grid its current shape
  • roadmap.txt, showing how the functionality has been incrementally improved so far, and what improvements we plan to make next
  • codemap.txt, laying out the software design and the organization of the source code
  • TahoeIssues? contains some discussion, open issues, and more docs

News and Status

  • buildbot: current build status including unit tests
  • archived code coverage showing which lines of code get exercised by the unit tests (scroll down to the bottom for the most recent build)
  • the zfec-dev mailing list is specific to the zfec erasure-coding library.


Tahoe is offered under the GNU General Public License (v2 or later), with the added permission that, if you become obligated to release a derived work under this licence (as per section 2.b), you may delay the fulfillment of this obligation for up to 12 months.

Test Network

An experimental public testnet is running on Allmydata servers. It is subject to being updated at random times, so compatibility is likely to break without notice.

After installing the code according to the README, set up a client node with the following files in its base directory:

file namefile contents

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