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Welcome to Allmydata "Tahoe"

Tahoe resources

  • The code is available via darcs by running the following command:
    darcs get
  • Other related libraries are available in
  • Buildbot: current build status
  • ???: current code coverage
  • Graph of code coverage
  • documentation
  • to install debian packages for etch, dapper, edgy, or feisty, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list, replacing the word DIST with etch, dapper, edgy, or feisty as appropriate:
    deb  DIST  main tahoe
    deb-src  DIST  main tahoe
    These packages are generated each time the code is changed, and represent the most up-to-date (read "unstable") version available. The usual warnings about no guarantees apply: it might cause your computer to catch fire, might steal your dog, etc.
    • we need to set up an etch buildslave, as we don't currently have one running

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