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Building darcs trunk
Building from a tarball
Running as different user

Building darcs trunk

  1. Install Darcs (, "Windows without Cygwin")
  1. Add the darcs directory to the search path (see below)
  1. Follow the steps in "Building from a tarball"

Building from a tarball

  1. Get Python 2.4 (
  1. Add the Python to the search path (rough translation from German Windows 2000):

Start -> Settings -> System control -> System -> Enhanced -> Environment variables -> System variables: add ";C:\Python25;C:\Python25\Scripts" to the "Path" entry

  1. Install win32api for Python 2.5 (

Note: Build 213 does not work on Windows 2000, Build 212 does.

  1. Open the command line interpreter (cmd/command)
  1. Get Tahoe from Darcs:

darcs get --lazy tahoe

  1. cd to tahoe and build Tahoe:

python build

  1. Optional: run testcases:

python test

Summary on 2009-23-02 on Windows 2000:

Ran 558 tests in 1281.032s

FAILED (skips=8, expectedFailures=4, errors=1, unexpectedSuccesses=6, successes=

Running as different user

  1. Create the new user account
  1. Run tahoe through "runas":
    runas /user:Computer\Tahoeuser "bin\tahoe.exe start C:\tahoe-basedir"
  1. Adjust file system permissions as needed and possible (Home Editions of Windows lack user interfaces to modify permissions)