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are test-from-egg and test-from-prefixdir testing the right code?

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There is currently nothing to ensure that the test-from-egg and test-from-prefixdir steps of zfec builds aren't subject to the same bug as .

Fixing this probably just requires updating misc/build_helpers/ to reflect (which I believe is already generic enough to handle the zfec build setup).

This would allow detecting failures like this one, rather than silently testing the wrong code. (I don't have specific evidence that the current zfec builders are testing the wrong code, but we didn't know that the Tahoe-LAFS builders were until recently.)

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by davidsarah

Test fix applied in [355] (exposing test failures on the zomp, rubenkerkhof and kyle-openbsd buildslaves).

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