Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 14, October 10, 2011

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Announcements and News

Tahoe-LAFS v1.8.3 Released

The Tahoe-LAFS project released version 1.8.3 and 1.9.0a2 to address a security issue. A vulnerability was discovered in all versions from 1.3.0 to 1.8.2 and 1.9.0a1. This vulnerability allowed a malicious attacker to delete files. To be able to delete the file, an attacker must know its 'storage index'. An upgrade to 1.8.3 resolves this issues. The known issues document provides the technical information regarding this issue.

Announcing the Second International Tahoe-LAFS Summit

The Second International Tahoe-LAFS Summit will take place November 7 through November 11, in San Francisco. Mozilla Mozilla has generously offered to host us in their nice new San Francisco office. (Google Google, Adobe Adobe, and Microsoft Microsoft also offered to help out in case Mozilla's facilities weren't available—thanks to them as well.)

The Summit will have technical presentations of new features, design discussions, and probably a lot of coding!

There will be live audio and video available for remote participants. Help us organize the Summit on the wiki.

1.9.0a2 Release

1.9.0a2 was released. In addition to the security fix mentioned above, this release incorporates the following fixes:

  • 'tahoe debug' commands now understand MDMF caps and shares (#1507)
  • Recent Uploads And Downloads shouldn't miss 'tahoe put' (#1079)
  • tests run slightly faster, still kinda painful
  • 'tahoe put --mutable-type=.." implies --mutable
  • fewer dropped errors (and lost-progress bugs) in mutable retrieve
  • tolerate linux-3.0 in platform detection code (#1536)

The following work remains for the 1.9.0 release:

  • docs improvements
  • minor fixes: really really minor
  • packaging tests
  • Foolscap needs a new release, so make sure Tahoe-LAFS is compatible

We highly encourage everyone to throughly test this release. The more bugs we find in the alpha, the less in the beta and the quicker 1.9.0 arrives. Currently, there is a possibility of a Halloween release of 1.9.0.

tahoe-lafs.org Outage

tahoe-lafs.org experienced multiple outages over the last several days. The outages were the result of a router which was acting up. The router has been replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience these outages may have caused.

We are in the process of migrating the server to a new virtual server with professional hosting instead of being an old server humming away in someone's garage.

Free/Open Source Project of the Week

The Free/Open Source Project of the Week is HekaFS, formerly known as "CloudFS". Like Tahoe-LAFS, HekaFS offers provider-independent confidentiality by encrypting all of the data on the client side, with an encryption key unknown to the server. It is built on top of GlusterFS, and it inherits most of the performance and scalability of GlusterFS. It also has the same network and filesystem semantics of GlusterFS. In contrast, Tahoe-LAFS invents new semantics such as provider-independent immutability.

The HekaFS project is lead by Jeff Darcy Jeff Darcy and sponsored by RedHat RedHat. In addition to sponsoring HekaFS, RedHat just announced that they are buying the Gluster company.

Commercial Supporter of the Week

The Tahoe-LAFS project would like to thank Atlas Networks Atlas Networks for their generous donation of four servers. In addition to the generosity of their hardware donation, Atlas Networks provide the Tahoe-LAFS project with remote consoles and technical support, including complete OS reinstalls.

From the tahoe-dev Mailing List

Performance Measurements

Brian Warner brian has been using the Atlas Networks servers to do performance measurements of Tahoe-LAFS. These measurements show some performance issues, including one that arises when using large values of K (number of shares needed). Ticket 1264 has details.

Tahoe-LAFS web-app

Brian Warner suggested the notion of a "Tahoe-LAFS web-app", in which both the data and the code (Javascript) are stored in a Tahoe-LAFS grid and the browser loads them and runs the Javascript app. This would have a similar effect to the TiddlyWiki-on-Tahoe-LAFS hack, and to the Unhosted Unhosted project.

Ifconfig Error Message

Kill Your TV posted an issue with Arch Linux and 1.8.3. The issue was the result of the inability of tahoe to find ifconfig. Ticket #1536 was opened to provided more user friendly error messages involving finding and using ifconfig.

Patch Needing Review of the Week

There are six (6) tickets still needing review for 1.9:

Let's see if we can't get these reviewed and 1.9 out the door.

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