Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 28, April 28, 2012

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Announcement and News

Bounty for Speeding Up Unit Tests

Zooko zooko placed a 50 BC bounty for speeding up the unit tests. This roughly translates into $250 US with current exchange rates. To claim the bounty you must make the unit tests five (5) faster on Brian's brian laptop without causing any code to be less covered by the tests. Brian's laptop running OS X with disk encryption currently take 24 minutes to complete the unit tests. This means you need to shave the time to 4.8 minutes.

From the tahoe-dev Mailing List

On the Limits of the Use Cases for Authenticated Encryption

Zooko posted his essay on the limits of the use cases for authenticated encryption. The essay covers the definition of authenticated encryption and why Zooko feels authenticated encryption doesn't fit Tahoe-LAFS. I highly recommend reading it.

Patches Needing Review of the Week

There is two (2) ticket still needing review for 1.9.2:

There are five (5) tickets still needing review for 1.10:

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