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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1536 nicely report any errors involving finding and using ifconfig zooko defect major code-network 1.9.0a1
#573 Allow client to control which storage servers receive shares daira enhancement normal code-peerselection 1.2.0
#1478 'tahoe create-introducer' should create introducer.furl immediately daira enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.8.2
#1843 add `tahoe create-server`, define `create-node` to mean client+server warner enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#2268 on Unix, if filesystem and/or I/O encodings are ASCII, ignore that and use UTF-8 instead daira enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2363 Create a Windows automated packaging test which exercises building, installing ``exe`` file. daira defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2375 make tests work under a non-ASCII path daira defect normal code 1.10.0
#2463 eliminate duplication between test classes Update and Version in test_mutable daira defect minor code-mutable 1.10.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#195 build an .exe installer for 64-bit Windows 7 (and preferably 8) daira enhancement major packaging 0.7.0
#1377 "tahoe start" claims to have started when it didn't daira defect major code-nodeadmin 1.8.2
#1382 immutable peer selection refactoring and enhancements warner enhancement major code-peerselection 1.8.2
#2876 tox won't run on ubuntu xenial: python3 daira defect major packaging 1.12.1
#1455 WUI: ambiently accessible pages should framebust in order to prevent UI redressing attacks defect normal code-frontend-web 1.8.2
#2283 replace _auto_deps with a pkg_resources API call GitHub <noreply@…> enhancement normal packaging 1.10.0
#2636 switch to @implementer syntax for Zope interfaces defect normal code 1.10.2
#2754 remove "" file, variable application name Brian Warner <warner@…> task normal packaging 1.10.2
#2856 remove/conditionalize "shutilwhich" dependency meejah task normal packaging 1.12.0
#2857 stop using deprecated twisted.web.client.getPage Brian Warner <warner@…> task normal code 1.12.0
#2863 Read-only dircaps for aliases Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.12.0
#2872 stop checking package versions and paths from pkg_resources daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2873 remove obsolete dependency on "pycrypto" daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2888 travis integration tests failing due to end-of-lifed Precise platform warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.12.1
#2889 i2p options, `tub.port = listen:i2p` defect normal code-network 1.12.1
#2897 Use setuptools.find_packages Brian Warner <warner@…> enhancement normal code 1.12.1
#2910 updating setuptools with setup_requires causes build failure warner defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2912 UnicodeEncodeError in test_client.Basic.test_absolute_storage_dir on linux when LANG= is not set Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal code 1.12.1
#2913 PyPI "TLS<1.2 Brownout" is causing travis OS-X tests to fail Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.12.1
#2921 release v1.13.0 daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#943 "tahoe mv" deleted my files? daira defect critical code-frontend-cli 1.6.0
#2861 SSL handshake failure with 1.12 storage nodes over I2P defect critical unknown 1.12.0
#467 allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for uploads leif enhancement major code-peerselection 1.1.0
#541 remove foolscap 'reference'-token bug workaround in mutable publish defect major code-mutable 1.2.0
#855 Make tahoe webopen without arguments show the tahoe: alias, if there is one enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#1124 upload is unhappy even though the shares are already distributed defect major code-peerselection 1.7.0
#1130 Failure to achieve happiness in upload or repair kevan defect major code-peerselection 1.7.1
#1502 WUI: make type field more regular, and show SDMF vs MDMF defect major code-frontend-web 1.8.2
#2779 add tests to catch things like tox.ini not being in defect major packaging 1.11.0
#1814 UploadUnhappinessError despite no apparent refusal of shares defect normal code-peerselection 1.9.2
#1975 remove the last use of notifyOnDisconnect, in server selection defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2045 Make the paths of the different folders configurable leif enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2046 Add tahoe cp --children-of option defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default warner enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2411 check whether SFTP frontend correctly handles creating a directory that already exists daira defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#2432 consistently use self.mktemp() to create a temporary directory in tests daira defect normal code 1.10.0
#2448 `tahoe ls $THING $OTHERTHING` doesn't work enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2729 Add binary builds to's buildbot/download page cypher enhancement normal packaging 1.10.2
#2748 move to Versioneer for git-based version-string generation warner task normal packaging 1.10.2
#2798 Fix cloud backend on Windows daira defect normal code-storage 1.11.0
#2850 ugly (temporary) error message when connecting to new onion server defect normal code-frontend-web 1.11.0
#2852 move NEWS.rst into docs/, add to readthedocs build task normal documentation 1.12.0
#2864 welcome page can't display when introducer connection has problems defect normal code-frontend-web 1.12.1
#2914 test_magic_folder timeout on windows defect normal code 1.12.1
#1007 HTTP proxy support for node to node communication davidsarah enhancement minor code-network 1.6.1
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure warner defect minor code-nodeadmin 1.7.0
#2797 explain two timestamps on WUI server listings defect minor code-frontend-web 1.11.0

Status: reopened (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI zooko enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
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