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#195 build an .exe installer for 64-bit Windows 7 (and preferably 8) daira enhancement major packaging 0.7.0
#1377 "tahoe start" claims to have started when it didn't daira defect major code-nodeadmin 1.8.2
#1382 immutable peer selection refactoring and enhancements warner enhancement major code-peerselection 1.8.2
#2876 tox won't run on ubuntu xenial: python3 daira defect major packaging 1.12.1
#1455 WUI: ambiently accessible pages should framebust in order to prevent UI redressing attacks defect normal code-frontend-web 1.8.2
#2283 replace _auto_deps with a pkg_resources API call GitHub <noreply@…> enhancement normal packaging 1.10.0
#2636 switch to @implementer syntax for Zope interfaces defect normal code 1.10.2
#2754 remove "" file, variable application name Brian Warner <warner@…> task normal packaging 1.10.2
#2856 remove/conditionalize "shutilwhich" dependency meejah task normal packaging 1.12.0
#2857 stop using deprecated twisted.web.client.getPage Brian Warner <warner@…> task normal code 1.12.0
#2863 Read-only dircaps for aliases Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.12.0
#2872 stop checking package versions and paths from pkg_resources daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2873 remove obsolete dependency on "pycrypto" daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2888 travis integration tests failing due to end-of-lifed Precise platform warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.12.1
#2889 i2p options, `tub.port = listen:i2p` defect normal code-network 1.12.1
#2897 Use setuptools.find_packages Brian Warner <warner@…> enhancement normal code 1.12.1
#2910 updating setuptools with setup_requires causes build failure warner defect normal packaging 1.12.1
#2912 UnicodeEncodeError in test_client.Basic.test_absolute_storage_dir on linux when LANG= is not set Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal code 1.12.1
#2913 PyPI "TLS<1.2 Brownout" is causing travis OS-X tests to fail Brian Warner <warner@…> defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.12.1
#2921 release v1.13.0 daira defect normal packaging 1.12.1
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