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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#325 flogtool scalability/performance logging scalability performance memory new warner defect major
#484 client feedback channel performance statistics logging new somebody enhancement major
#501 NotMutableError (now NotWriteableError) escaping into the twistd.log error logging assigned davidsarah defect major
#562 add a "censor" command to filter out sensitive information from log files privacy logging confidentiality new somebody defect major
#563 anonymize IP addresses in log files privacy logging new somebody defect major
#651 handle MemoryError by failing quickly and loudly error memory ucwe logging new somebody defect major
#685 [needs test] Capability of interrupted downloads is logged in twistd.log logging memory privacy confidentiality test-needed new somebody defect major
#687 too many "false alarms" in incident reporting error logging usability foolscap new somebody defect major
#764 webapi/usage calls should be logged - standard reusable format (apache-style access.log) logging new enhancement major
#1008 Unhandled error conditions disclose detailed information wui security privacy anonymity logging error anti-censorship new defect major
#1021 report all exceptions logging foolscap error new warner defect major
#1077 consistent timestamp format and timezone time usability logging assigned zooko defect major
#1904 filenames leak into log files from rename (and other web-API operations that take filenames) privacy logging easy new defect major
#1815 either bridge foolscap log messages to twistd.log, or remove the section of logging.rst about that logging twisted foolscap docs new defect normal
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover usability transparency logging new defect normal
#1989 foolscap: "an inbound callRemote ... failed" log entries include all arguments memory confidentiality capleak logging foolscap new warner defect normal
#1998 don't let "Calling Stale Broke" trigger an incident -- that's a false alarm logging error new warner defect normal
#2007 unhandled errors due to "bad connection hint '<IP address>' (hostname, but no port)" introducer logging unhandled-error twisted twistd.log connection hint new defect normal
#2343 replace non-Eliot logging with Eliot logging error logging twisted new defect normal
#57 logging: compress/truncate/encode/decode/format for human readability and privacy logging privacy anonymity new warner enhancement minor
#895 add "tahoe flogtool SUBCOMMAND" logging usability new enhancement minor
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