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add "tahoe flogtool SUBCOMMAND"

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Foolscap#51 and Foolscap-0.2.6 (released two years ago) made it possible to run "flogtool" operations as subcommands of some other package's CLI tool. I added this specifically to enable a "tahoe flogtool" command, which would allow admins to examine incident reports in $BASEDIR/logs/incidents/ and watch a running node with "flogtool tail". Admins who have installed Foolscap directly can do all of these things with /usr/bin/flogtool, but admins who got their Foolscap code as an automatically-loaded dependency of Tahoe won't have a /usr/bin/flogtool. Those admins will only have a /usr/bin/tahoe .

So the goal is to let them run i.e. "/usr/bin/tahoe flogtool tail". This should also help with "tahoe" executables created by py2exe or py2app.

Foolscap's test_logging.py has an example of attaching flogtool subcommands to an existing CLI tool.

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