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#755 Allow deep-check to continue after error, and: if there is an unrecoverable subdirectory, the deep-check report (both WUI and CLI) loses other information daira defect critical soon code-dirnodes
#891 web gateway memory grows without bound under load warner defect critical soon code-frontend-web
#893 UCWE when mapupdate gives up too early, then server errors require replacement servers defect critical soon code-mutable
#943 "tahoe mv" deleted my files? daira defect critical soon code-frontend-cli
#1824 Tahoe process gone wild daira defect critical soon code
#2861 SSL handshake failure with 1.12 storage nodes over I2P defect critical soon unknown
#3604 Develop Roadmap enhancement critical Contributor Experience documentation
#3851 release template has wrong URL daira defect critical Automate Release Process packaging
#126 add "Invite a Friend" button enhancement major undecided code-network
#152 build "sharing slots" / use mutable files as primitives for sharing messages enhancement major undecided code-frontend
#169 tcp hole-punching! ghazel enhancement major undecided code-network
#172 put sparklines on front page somebody enhancement major undecided website
#173 How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks? somebody enhancement major eventually dev-infrastructure
#182 build a .pkg installer for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (intel-x86-64) zooko enhancement major soon packaging
#200 writing of shares is fragile and "tahoe stop" is unnecessarily harsh warner enhancement major eventually code-storage
#203 add deep-copy function to web API enhancement major eventually code-frontend-web
#204 "virtual CDs" enhancement major code-dirnodes
#224 bandwidth throttling enhancement major undecided code-network
#232 Peer selection doesn't rebalance shares on overwrite of mutable file. warner defect major soon code-mutable
#235 scale up to many nodes enhancement major undecided code-network
#268 implement CHK download helper warner enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#270 test for interrupted writes of mutable files zooko defect major soon code-mutable
#277 make the wui show the underlying LAFS model -- one WUI page per link in LAFS zooko enhancement major eventually code-frontend-web
#283 implement mutable-file upload/download helpers enhancement major undecided code-mutable
#284 helper farm warner task major undecided code-encoding
#287 download: tolerate lost or missing servers defect major eventually code-encoding
#288 resumption of interrupted downloads warner enhancement major soon code-encoding
#295 distributed authorization of access to nodes task major undecided code-network
#296 enforce timeout on DYHB queries? defect major eventually code-network
#307 maybe add node metadata? (in addition to edge metadata) enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#308 add directory traversal / deep-verify capability? enhancement major code-dirnodes
#309 add web page to Introducer, with client lists/counts somebody enhancement major eventually operational
#316 add caching to tahoe proper? somebody enhancement major undecided code
#318 wapi: test that we return 200 or 201 as appropriate defect major soon code-frontend-web
#324 use POST for operations whose noun doesn't denote the same resource that a GET would denote, or that have side effects defect major soon code-frontend-web
#325 flogtool scalability/performance warner defect major undecided operational
#333 immutable-uploader-helper leftovers warner task major eventually code-encoding
#337 how does the whole system handle lots of file-upload tasks? somebody defect major eventually code
#344 more client-vs-server refactoring: servers-only shouldn't subscribe to storage announcements enhancement major soon code-network
#362 enhance upload to search longer and more completely for shares kevan defect major undecided code-peerselection
#366 address Nathan Wilcox's concerns about "Tahoe and the browser security model" nejucomo defect major eventually code-frontend-web
#371 corrupted introducer.furl causes subtle startup breakage defect major eventually code-nodeadmin
#383 large directories take a long time to modify enhancement major eventually code-dirnodes
#390 'readonly_storage' and 'reserved_space' not honored for mutable-slot write requests defect major eventually code-storage
#394 mutable publish: add timing charts to measure RTT task major soon code-mutable
#395 why are so many helper files being abandoned? somebody task major eventually operational
#397 increase helper fetch blocksize to 1MB task major eventually code-encoding
#403 grid identifier enhancement major code-peerselection
#413 mutable files: expose version info to HTTP clients enhancement major eventually code-frontend-web
#414 profiling on directory unpacking zooko defect major eventually code-dirnodes
#432 writing down filecaps: revise URI scheme task major code-encoding
#437 automatically schedule tests of large files somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#444 reduce number of active connections: connect-on-demand enhancement major undecided code-network
#445 implement relay: allow storage servers behind NAT somebody enhancement major undecided code-network
#447 explore improved peer-selection approaches: chord, reliability-based enhancement major undecided code-peerselection
#449 deletion: maintain per-account file manifest, cancel leases upon removal enhancement major undecided code-storage
#453 safely add plaintext_hash to immutable UEB enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#462 PUT should elicit 100 Continue defect major soon code-frontend-web
#464 evaluate different share-storage schemes task major undecided code-storage
#465 add a mutable-file cache enhancement major eventually code-mutable
#467 allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for uploads leif enhancement major soon code-peerselection
#468 design+build the Usage/Aggregator service enhancement major undecided code-storage
#471 servermap update chart doesn't fit defect major eventually code-frontend-web
#474 uncaught exception in mutable-retrieve: UCW between mapupdate and retrieve defect major soon code-mutable
#480 mutable storage-server API needs a way to refuse shares defect major undecided code-mutable
#482 build a checker/verifier that can work from just SI enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#484 client feedback channel somebody enhancement major undecided operational
#487 add munin graphs of garbage percentage somebody task major undecided operational
#488 Thunderbird plugin enhancement major undecided code-frontend
#492 mutable files: add ciphertext hash tree to signature block zooko defect major eventually code-mutable
#500 what happens if you run out of sequence numbers in mutable files defect major undecided code-mutable
#504 build 'tahoe debug decode' command enhancement major eventually code-frontend-cli
#510 use plain HTTP for storage server protocol exarkun enhancement major code-storage
#521 disconnect unresponsive servers (using foolscap's disconnectTimeout) warner defect major undecided code-network
#529 Implement Halt and Catch Fire defect major undecided code-frontend-web
#541 remove foolscap 'reference'-token bug workaround in mutable publish defect major soon code-mutable
#543 repair/rebalancing service enhancement major eventually code-storage
#547 mapupdate(MODE_WRITE) triggers on a false boundary defect major soon code-mutable
#548 mutable publish sends queries to servers that have already been asked defect major soon code-mutable
#562 add a "censor" command to filter out sensitive information from log files somebody defect major eventually code
#563 anonymize IP addresses in log files somebody defect major soon code
#568 make immutable check/verify/repair and mutable check/verify work given only a verify cap daira defect major soon code-frontend-web
#579 report corrupted shares defect major undecided code-storage
#580 repairer: upload fresh shares to replace corrupted shares defect major soon code-storage
#583 repairer: test cancel, upload failure, download failure defect major eventually code-storage
#584 repairer: test what happens when servers fail or hang defect major eventually code-storage
#587 Web nodes provide ambient upload authority daira defect major soon code-frontend-web
#589 JSON link does not work if there is a '#' character in the file name. defect major eventually code-frontend-web
#595 get the immutable file hash of a file without uploading it somebody enhancement major undecided code
#597 add 'tahoe mirror' command, use backupdb enhancement major undecided code-frontend-cli
#599 maybe add share-metadata: "where-are-the-other-shares" hints enhancement major undecided code-storage
#604 one-shot distributed revocable forwarding slots enhancement major undecided code-encoding
#610 upload should take better advantage of existing shares kevan enhancement major soon code-encoding
#613 sometimes a helper hurts instead of helping (if you need to upload less than K shares) enhancement major undecided code-network
#614 redefine "Healthy" to be "Happy" for checker/verifier/repairer markberger defect major soon code-encoding
#631 trailing spaces in filenames break the WUI rename function defect major soon code-frontend-web
#632 "tahoe backup --prefix": override pathname root for snapshots enhancement major undecided code-frontend-cli
#635 'tahoe make-tarball' command enhancement major code-frontend-cli
#640 Cli fs operations refactoring enhancement major undecided code-frontend-cli
#643 Automatically schedule repair process (and backups?) somebody enhancement major eventually operational
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