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bandwidth throttling

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My friend Seb would run a tahoe node so that I could use some of his hard disk space for storage except that he doesn't want my access of it to interfere with his use of his cable modem connection. That connection has some funny property that if he uploads even a few tends of kilobits/second then the whole up- and down- streams become unusuable, although he can safely download hundreds of kilobits/second without separate downloads interfering with each other.

So a feature that would help with cases like this is if tahoe nodes (when operating as storage servers, not necessarily as clients) can be configured to limit the bandwidth that they use serving clients.

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comment:1 Changed at 2007-12-31T21:32:10Z by warner

Yeah. We need Foolscap support for this: I've created Foolscap#41 to track this one.

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