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#1118 broken assert in regression upload availability reliability closed kevan kevan critical defect
#808 AttributeError: TahoeError instance has no attribute 'args' error tahoe-cp closed zooko major defect
#923 setting flogtool FLOG* environment variables causes spurious test failures foolscap logging flog test reviewed closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1051 capabilities from the future could have non-ascii characters forward-compatibility newcaps newurls closed zooko zooko major enhancement
#1067 Storage Servers version is 0 on Welcome page easy closed freestorm freestorm major defect
#1083 FTP frontend should avoid caching plaintext of uploads ftpd sftp confidentiality easy closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1117 the immutable uploader should call remote_abort on buckets that it knows it won't be using closed zooko kevan major defect
#1123 unit tests getting unicode when they expect str unicode closed zooko zooko major defect
#1125 release 1.7.1 release closed zooko davidsarah major defect
#967 minor code clean-up in easy reviewed closed zooko minor enhancement
#1072 rename to and/or move contents into unicode cleanup easy reviewed closed zooko zooko minor enhancement
#1098 Support for FreeBSD > 6 is missing from freebsd install test-needed closed francois francois minor defect
#1099 stdout might not have an 'encoding' attribute startup encoding unicode review-needed closed zooko davidsarah minor defect
#1114 upcase 'since' on welcome page closed zooko terrell minor defect
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