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cloud backend: merge to trunk

Reported by: davidsarah Owned by: daira
Priority: major Milestone: 1.14.0
Component: code-storage Version: 1.9.2
Keywords: cloud-backend leasedb Cc: mk.fraggod@…, tahoe-lafs.org@…
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Rebase the cloud backend branch for landing on trunk, after the v1.10 release.

Depends on #1818.

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comment:4 follow-up: Changed at 2012-11-20T00:53:31Z by davidsarah

Starting the merge now. It will be done on my github branch at https://github.com/davidsarah/tahoe-lafs/commits/1819-cloud-merge.

comment:5 in reply to: ↑ 4 ; follow-up: Changed at 2012-12-04T17:44:00Z by Zancas

Replying to davidsarah:

If I Understand Correctly the proper URL for _cloning_ this repository is now named: https://github.com/davidsarah/tahoe-lafs.git

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comment:6 in reply to: ↑ 5 Changed at 2012-12-04T19:11:37Z by davidsarah

Replying to Zancas:

If I Understand Correctly the proper URL for _cloning_ this repository is now named: https://github.com/davidsarah/tahoe-lafs.git

That's correct.

comment:8 Changed at 2013-07-04T19:24:25Z by daira

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The following tickets block merging pluggable backends and/or leasedb to trunk: blocks-cloud-merge keyword query

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comment:9 Changed at 2013-07-12T20:07:46Z by daira

Preserving these github comments relating to b0fc0987 to stop them getting clobbered by a force-push:

zooko: How is this different than setting expire.enabled = false (as described in docs/garbage-collection.rst)?

daira: expire.enabled controls whether leases expire (that is, whether leases past their expiry timestamp are removed). This setting, which is just intended for debugging, controls whether shares with no leases are removed. Setting expire.enabled to false would not have had any effect on the kind of bug I believed was present in the accounting crawler.

zooko: I see. Thanks. I'd rather we not commit code to trunk which is, like this, solely for debugging.

daira: Hmm. We have lots of code that is just for debugging.

zooko: Well, this patch, I don't feel particularly good about. It makes it harder for someone reading the code, and for little gain. We could use other ways to disable share deletion for debugging, next time we want to do that.

daira: I'm sorry you don't feel good about this patch. I'll probably omit it when rebasing the branch to trunk, but I'd like to keep it on this branch until I've debugged #1921 and confirmed that #1987 is invalid.

zooko: Okay!

comment:10 Changed at 2013-07-22T19:22:48Z by zooko

I made a branch called 1819-cloud-merge-opensource which has the same licensing declarations as trunk and which omits the four cloud storage connectors (googlestorage, msazure, openstack, s3), and I updated 1819-cloud-merge to state its own (non-Free/Open-Source) licensing statement.

I posted a lengthy description of the existence of this code and the licensing situation and LeastAuthority.com's business plans.

comment:11 Changed at 2013-07-22T20:51:19Z by daira

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comment:12 Changed at 2013-07-22T20:51:23Z by daira

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comment:13 Changed at 2014-04-09T04:02:49Z by daira

This branch has been moved to https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs/commits/1819-cloud-merge. It is now fully open-source.

See the blocks-cloud-merge keyword for things remaining to be done.

comment:14 Changed at 2015-04-17T17:18:16Z by daira

This needs to be rebased because some of the patches on it (for dbutil and deferredutil) were cherry-picked into the #2406 branches for Magic Folder, and later onto master.

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comment:15 Changed at 2015-04-17T22:04:30Z by daira

Rebased to https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs/commits/1819.cloud-merge.2. The rebase was complicated (it was quite a deep fork) and could have has introduced bugs.

This branch is currently failing with:

PackagingError: no version info for txAWS == 0.2.1.post5
PackagingError: no version info for oauth2client == 1.1.0

which prevents running the test suite.

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comment:16 Changed at 2015-04-17T23:11:44Z by daira

The dependency problem is fixed, now the test suite fails with some real bugs:

FAILED (skips=13, expectedFailures=4, failures=12, errors=18, successes=1222)

comment:17 Changed at 2015-04-17T23:13:45Z by daira

I'm so glad we have a decent test suite. Merges like this would be just impossible otherwise.

I'm going to leave it there for now since working on Magic Folder is a higher priority.

comment:18 Changed at 2015-10-07T23:23:15Z by lpirl

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comment:21 Changed at 2017-08-08T13:20:07Z by exarkun

So far as I can 1819.cloud-merge.2 no longer reflects the current state of this effort. There is an 1819.cloud-merge.3 branch but even that is not current. Instead, ticket:2237 is where all of the action is happening these days.

It seems like ticket:1818 and ticket:1819 were efforts at avoiding an unmergeable mega-branch and that strikes me as a good idea. However, everything seems to have been balled up for ticket:2237 at this point (perhaps due to communication failures, perhaps for other reasons, I don't really know).

There is a plan on ticket:2237 to get this work merged. I think this ticket probably no longer serves much purpose. We will need tickets for the pieces of ticket:2237 which are broken off for merge into master but the shape of those tickets will be dictated entirely by the shape of the pieces of code that can easily be broken off of the mega-branch.

I suggest this be closed.

comment:22 Changed at 2017-08-10T12:39:16Z by exarkun

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Closing. See ticket:2237.

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