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Magic Folder: implement "stability delay"

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This ticket concerns a possible improvement to the Magic Folder design to reduce the risk of inconsistency when reading a changed file in order to upload it.

Quoting from docs/proposals/magic-folder/remote-to-local-sync.rst:

Short of filesystem-specific features on Unix or the shadow copy service on Windows (which is per-volume and therefore difficult to use in this context), there is no way to *read* the whole contents of a file atomically. Therefore, when we read a file in order to upload it, we may read an inconsistent version if it was also being written locally.

A well-behaved application can avoid this problem for its writes:

  • On Unix, if another process modifies a file by renaming a temporary file onto it, then we will consistently read either the old contents or the new contents.
  • On Windows, if the other process uses sharing flags to deny reads while it is writing a file, then we will consistently read either the old contents or the new contents, unless a sharing error occurs. In the case of a sharing error we should retry later, up to a maximum number of retries.

In the case of a not-so-well-behaved application writing to a file at the same time we read from it, the magic folder will still be eventually consistent, but inconsistent versions may be visible to other users' clients. This may also interfere with conflict/overwrite detection for those users [TODO EXPLAIN].

In #1440 we implemented a delay, called the *pending delay*, after the notification of a filesystem change and before the file is read in order to upload it. If another change notification occurs within the pending delay time, the delay is restarted. This helps to some extent because it means that if files are written more quickly than the pending delay and less frequently than the pending delay, we shouldn't encounter this inconsistency.

The likelihood of inconsistency could be further reduced, even for writes by not-so-well-behaved applications, by delaying the actual upload for a further period —called the *stability delay*— after the file has finished being read. If a notification occurs between the end of the pending delay and the end of the stability delay, then the read would be aborted and the notification requeued.

This would have the effect of ensuring that no write notifications have been received for the file during a time window that brackets the period when it was being read, with margin before and after this period defined by the pending and stability delays. The delays are intended to account for asynchronous notification of events, and caching in the filesystem.

Note however that we cannot guarantee that the delays will be long enough to prevent inconsistency in any particular case. Also, the stability delay would potentially affect performance significantly because (unlike the pending delay) it is not overlapped when there are multiple files on the upload queue. This performance impact could be mitigated by uploading files in parallel where possible (#1459).

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