23:30 Ticket #84 (allow introducer to provide default encoding parameters (k-of-n)) closed by warner
fixed: Done. Write to a file named 'encoding_parameters' in the introducer's …
20:25 Ticket #81 (implement URI:LIT encoding for very small files) closed by warner
fixed: done, plus tests.
19:24 Dev edited by warner
add link to a query of tickets to be fixed by 0.5.0 (diff)
18:53 Ticket #87 (store less validation information in each share, to lower overhead) created by warner
Once we have confidence in our FEC and decryption code, we may feel …
18:50 Ticket #86 (add a check block to the front of the plaintext, to verify the correct key) created by warner
A cheap way to verify that the decoding process is using the correct …
18:33 Ticket #85 (store shares in single files, instead of 7 files and a directory) created by warner
At the moment we have significant filesystem overhead in our share …
18:21 Ticket #84 (allow introducer to provide default encoding parameters (k-of-n)) created by warner
For small+centrally-managed grids, the admin of the introducer should …
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22:28 Ticket #77 (Confusing/cumbersome root path link in vdrive web view.) closed by warner
fixed: This one has been fixed with the new source:docs/webapi.txt -based web …
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18:19 Ticket #83 (Extend external interfaces for operation monitoring.) created by nejucomo
I'd like to see the external interfaces (rest, xml-rpc, foolscap) …
01:01 Ticket #82 (remove the "build" step in the "edit, build, run" cycle) created by zooko
setup.py build -i ought to work


15:48 Ticket #81 (implement URI:LIT encoding for very small files) created by warner
Uploading a zero-length file causes a divide-by-zero error, because …
08:42 TahoeTwo created by warner
08:41 TahoeThree created by warner
08:30 Ticket #80 (storage format is awfully inefficient for small shares) created by warner
Eventually we're going to need to revisit our StorageServer?
08:21 Ticket #76 (Replace "parent directory" link, with links in the display path.) closed by warner
fixed: I happened to do this in the recent webapi overhaul.


16:28 Ticket #79 (make check-memory is broken) created by zooko
When I run make check-memory it says […] Brian recently …


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21:46 Ticket #78 (Cater to rsync as a target Tahoe client.) created by nejucomo
Imagine a scenario where a sysadmin of a large enterprise network …
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