03:48 Ticket #61 (log to a subdirectory, rather than the node's basedir) closed by warner
fixed: indeed, it was that easy. closed with 2ba415bd3e05b527.
03:33 Ticket #92 (add upload-status page: progress and to-whom info) created by warner
It would be nice if the upload POST form could bounce you to a page …
03:29 Ticket #88 (uploading a directory causes a brief dirnode exception) closed by warner
invalid: oh, duh, this this normal. …
02:55 Ticket #79 (make check-memory is broken) closed by warner
fixed: I've added links to the munin graphs in the "Memory Footprint" link in …
01:25 Ticket #31 (crash on cygwin: doWrite on a Port, failure during test_system) closed by warner
fixed: More data: cygwin's poll() function sometimes violates POSIX and …


18:20 Ticket #3 (CHK-URIs: derive storage index from readkey to make the URI shorter) closed by warner
fixed: We decided to truncate the storage index to the same 128 bits that are …
18:00 Dev edited by warner
add link to the memory-footprint munin graph (diff)


18:09 Ticket #91 (switch to z-base-32) created by zooko
Switch from Python standard library base32 encoding to z-base-32 …
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edit (diff)


01:32 Doc edited by warner
remove the 'usecases' image by following the link and then hitting the … (diff)


19:23 WikiStart edited by zooko
clarify transitive obligation of the grace period clause (diff)
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improve formatting of the graph titles (diff)
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minor typo (diff)


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formatting for consistency and navigability (diff)
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layout, formatting, more links, etc. (diff)
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add a link to RelatedProjects (diff)
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add RelatedProjects
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change from weekly to monthly view (diff)
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layout fix (diff)
20:56 Dev edited by zooko
change the darcs cmdline to use the "code" markup that we typically … (diff)
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point to cool new "Buildbot" header link (diff)
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add note about attachments being obsolete (diff)
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show one-week graphs instead of one-month graphs, things have been … (diff)
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