21:34 Ticket #221 (give proper filenames on download) created by zooko
As reported by Jonathan Tapicer: […] According to Brian and/or …


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fix formatting mistake (diff)
21:33 Ticket #220 (performance tests for decentralized secure mutable directories) created by zooko
There are some design issues revolving around how long it takes to …
20:14 Ticket #184 (trac doesn't send e-mails) closed by zandr
fixed: Yes, we did. Closing


16:57 Ticket #219 (permissions on files containing secrets) created by zooko
A unix user wanted a tahoe node to belong to a set of unix accounts …
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add link to Doc on front page (diff)


21:10 Ticket #218 (resumption of incomplete transfers) created by zooko
Peter mentioned to me that an important operational issue is …
04:03 Ticket #217 (Ed25519-based mutable files -- fast file creation, possibly smaller URLs) created by zooko
Mole2 and The_8472 and I had a conversation on IRC which leads to the …
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add link to mutable.txt (diff)
02:48 Ticket #216 (mutable files: pre-generate public keys in the background) created by warner
I was describing my concerns to robk today, that the new mutable-file …


20:25 Ticket #215 (maybe remove "string containing slash-separated names" APIs) created by zooko
Consider going from two ways to do it to one way to do it, if there is …
14:26 Ticket #214 (makefiles which require GNU make should be named "GNUmakefile") created by zooko
If a makefile is named "Makefile" then this indicates to some people …
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