19:48 Ticket #269 (client should handle migrated shares by updating the write-enabler) created by warner
On 12/17/07, in zooko's patch named "put all private state in …


23:25 Ticket #268 (implement CHK download helper) created by warner
The upload-specific helper described in #116 is insufficient to …
04:02 Ticket #267 (add modify-mutable-slot performance test) created by warner
we have an automated test (run by the buildbot, graphed by munin) to …
02:23 Security edited by zooko
remove two fixed security issues (diff)


23:49 Ticket #266 (when cryptography has random-access AES, update helper to use it) created by warner
to build the offloaded-uploader (#116), we need the ability to do AES …
20:48 Milestone 0.7.0 completed
focus: * Small Mutable Distributed Files * distributed directories …
18:04 News edited by zooko
0.7.0 release (diff)
18:04 WikiStart edited by zooko
0.7.0 release! (diff)
17:16 Ticket #265 (Prevent uncoordinated writes locally.) created by nejucomo
Tahoe does not attempt to solve uncoordinated writes, generally. …
17:07 Ticket #241 (v0.7.0 documentation) closed by zooko
fixed: docs/install.html is good. See #264 for further docs.
17:00 Ticket #264 (update docs) created by zooko
Note to self: need to update #LatestNews, News, …


23:45 Ticket #263 (setuptools_darcs plugin noise on install) created by zooko
The setuptools_darcs plugin emits a warning if you run setup.py in a …
23:39 Ticket #262 ('bin/tahoe' executable on win32) created by zooko
bin/tahoe isn't executable on win32.
21:09 Ticket #261 (clean out the "run as single file" option in tahoe cmdline scripts) created by zooko
I no longer think it is a good idea to have Two Ways to invoke tahoe …


21:00 WikiStart edited by zooko
edit (diff)
20:58 Ticket #257 (can't build without darcs installed) closed by zooko
fixed: I tested it, and that fixes the …
20:58 Ticket #260 (automatic freshening of version number) created by zooko
(split off from #257) We could add the following to setup.py: […] …
20:27 Ticket #233 (creation and management of "root" directories -- directories without ...) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, I'm going to "not bother" on these two pieces, because I don't …
20:25 Ticket #259 (cmdline: tahoe mkdir) created by zooko
Make it so that tahoe mkdir can create a directory even if one doesn't …
03:39 TestGrid edited by warner
update to new 0.7.0-ish test grid (diff)
01:14 Ticket #258 (noise from skip and todo tests makes it look like the test has failed) created by zooko
I suppressed the SKIP and TODO tests (one each) because the test …
00:15 WikiStart edited by zooko
update intro doc (diff)


23:15 WikiStart edited by robk
fixing installing tahoe link, since apparently the format=raw link to … (diff)
23:13 WikiStart edited by robk
fix README link, which doesn't do what this page says, to point to … (diff)
23:04 Ticket #257 (can't build without darcs installed) created by zooko
Seb discovered that "make" fails if there is no darcs: […] We …
23:01 Ticket #256 (buildbot no longer shows version stamps on waterfall display) created by warner
The buildbot waterfall display used to show the Tahoe version number …
19:35 Ticket #255 (FUSE integration doesn't have automated tests) created by zooko
We just discovered that the FUSE extension that nejucomo had …
19:18 Ticket #254 (need better user output on UncoordinatedWriteError) created by zooko
The current strategy for solving …
18:48 Ticket #206 (licensing) closed by zooko
fixed: done in 77f62a1cd5eacaef
18:47 Ticket #192 (README LIED AGAIN!!!) closed by zooko
17:23 Ticket #253 (everything stalls after abrupt disconnect) created by zooko
We just set up a 3-node network at Seb's house with my laptop, Seb's, …


20:23 Ticket #252 (smaller segments would facilitate better client progress indicators ...) created by zooko
The FireFox? download progress meter, and also the upload progress …
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