22:20 Ticket #367 (include SI's of files in logs?) created by zooko
I think it would be good to include information about files added, …


02:10 Ticket #366 (address Nathan Wilcox's concerns about "Tahoe and the browser security ...) created by zooko
On the mailing list
01:56 Ticket #214 (makefiles which require GNU make should be named "GNUmakefile") closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 667037a6d60379bd


23:47 Ticket #365 (added secret to protect convergent encryption from ...) created by zooko
Per [http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2008-March/000449.html
18:24 Ticket #364 (have "make test" check for freshness every time) created by zooko
Currently we have "make build" create a ".built" file, and we have …


23:03 Ticket #363 (make sure log-gathering for clients is controllable by overwriting the ...) created by zooko
Make sure that an empty log_gatherer.furl won't cause a client to fail …
21:19 Bibliography edited by zooko
21:19 Bibliography edited by zooko
more Salsa20 (diff)
20:28 Bibliography edited by zooko
add Salsa20 design (diff)
19:01 Ticket #362 (enhance upload to search longer and more completely for shares) created by secorp
Currently the download search for shares is more extensive than the …
17:36 Dev edited by zooko
resolve clashing section name (diff)
03:00 Ticket #361 (make nickname more prominent on wui) created by zooko
Neal points out that the nickname isn't easy to notice or find on the …
02:07 Ticket #360 (make check-deps "appears" to fail) created by paulg
[…] To me this looks like it is signaling an error.
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add link to TCP Throughput Collapse in Cluster Storage (diff)


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edit and add Brief History of Consensus, 2PC and TC (diff)
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layout (diff)
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praise for flud (diff)
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correction (diff)
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licences (diff)
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edit (diff)
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add some related projects (diff)
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Hadoop is related (diff)
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GNUnet is Related (diff)
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add 0.9 to the parade of release notes (diff)
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add links to News, Biblio, RelatedProjects (diff)
02:47 Ticket #359 (eliminate hard limit on size of SDMFs) created by zooko
We currently impose a hard limit on SDMFs of 3.5 MB. (It was recently …


02:47 Ticket #358 (WUI can make an <a href> tag with no contents) created by drewp
I put a file by doing this: bang(pts/4):~/allmydata-tahoe-0.9.0% …


22:27 Ticket #357 (mkdir -p in the wapi) created by zooko
Extend the POST /uri?t=mkdir to optionally take a …
20:32 Ticket #354 (rendering failure in RetrieveStatusPage._get_rate) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in a7fe82f6b06eae8f. Thanks!
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