17:18 Ticket #465 (add a mutable-file cache) created by warner
If the mutable-file retrieval process were allowed to keep an on-disk …
17:04 Ticket #464 (evaluate different share-storage schemes) created by warner
Our current share-storage scheme is simple and easy to understand, but …
01:03 Ticket #463 (directory isn't rendered at all sometimes) created by zooko
Justin wasn't connected to the introducer or to any servers, and when …


07:01 Ticket #462 (PUT should elicit 100 Continue) created by adi
curl -T foo.txt …


23:04 Ticket #461 (paste-in-a-URI form on the welcome page vs. proxies) created by warner
Apparently the "paste-in-a-URI form" in the welcome page might not …
18:20 Ticket #460 (cp -rv fails rather gracelessly in face of network quake) created by robk
c.f. #459 when a long running cp -rv hits a network quake (e.g. …
18:14 Ticket #459 (wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to undo nevow's exception rendering?) created by robk
so when an exception occurs in a nevow-served page, nevow helpfully …


22:14 WikiStart edited by zooko
v1.1 released (diff)
22:08 Ticket #458 ("other representations" broken in webish ui) closed by warner
fixed: We fixed this for 1.1.0, by making the subdirectory links point to a …
19:53 Security edited by zooko
replace with link to docs/known_issues.txt (for now) (diff)
07:00 Milestone 1.1.0 completed
* new mutable upload/download code (faster and safer and better …
00:56 Ticket #458 ("other representations" broken in webish ui) created by robk
when viewing a directory in the webish ui, the 'other …
00:54 Ticket #457 (tahoe ls fails if you list a file) created by robk
in experimenting with 'tahoe ls' I found that directories display, but …


23:32 KnownIssues edited by zooko
replace with link to docs/known_issues.txt (for now) (diff)
23:27 KnownIssues edited by zooko
new version (diff)
18:15 KnownIssues edited by zooko
sentences start with a capital letter (diff)
02:55 Ticket #48 (XML-RPC interface) closed by zooko
wontfix: Closing this as wontfix -- the RESTful interface is sufficient for …
02:52 Ticket #60 (current "Priority:" setting isn't useful) reopened by zooko


23:48 Ticket #456 (it would be nice if the dependency on OpenSSL could be automatically ...) created by warner
After #438 and foolscap#66
23:00 Ticket #455 (setuptools sandbox isn't tight enough to hold Twisted's sand in so ...) created by zooko
http://bugs.python.org/setuptools/issue20 # package required at build …
19:31 Ticket #454 (make debian packages for "hardy") created by warner
now that hardy is out, and we have 'deharo1' as hardware for it, we …


00:17 Ticket #60 (current "Priority:" setting isn't useful) closed by zooko
fixed: I just removed "blocker" and "trivial" from the list of priorities, …
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