23:46 Ticket #479 (wouldn't it be nice if we could run from source without running 'make' ...) created by warner
this *is* python, after all.


00:22 Ticket #477 (storage latency stats break stats-provider interface) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in af4e4dc8478ef394, by flattening the latency …


02:02 Dev edited by kpreid
IRC channel is now #tahoe, not #mnet (diff)
01:47 Ticket #478 (add memory-usage to stats-provider numbers) created by warner
It would be nice for a Tahoe node to measure its own memory usage …
01:45 Ticket #477 (storage latency stats break stats-provider interface) created by warner
The dictionary of storage latency statistics that I added recently …


20:38 Ticket #476 (log process ID at startup) created by warner
we should record the node's pid at startup, both to the twisted …
20:33 Ticket #475 (CPU-watcher munin graph got stuck) created by warner
We had a problem in one of our webapi nodes which caused it to lock up …
20:28 Ticket #474 (uncaught exception in mutable-retrieve: UCW between mapupdate and retrieve) created by warner
If a mutable file is modified (by some external uncoordinated writer) …
20:21 Ticket #473 (_paused_at exception in stopped download) created by warner
There's a bug in web downloads: when someone halts the download (by …
19:31 Ticket #472 (cpu monitor sometimes shows negative numbers) created by warner
On some of our production machines, the cpu watcher is displaying …


18:14 Ticket #471 (servermap update chart doesn't fit) created by zooko
This screen shot shows that the chart is too big for its britches. As …
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17:29 Doc edited by zooko
add link to known_issues.txt (diff)
17:23 Doc edited by zooko
remove another obsolete doc (diff)
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remove some obsolete links (diff)
17:19 Doc edited by zooko
move install-details.html to Obsolete Docs (diff)
16:44 Ticket #125 (typing and sharing; viewing without attaching) closed by zooko
fixed: This has been fixed. Thanks, Brian!
00:42 Ticket #470 (tahoe 'make' fails at twisted, on leopard (macos 10.5)) created by robk
brian thought that this was related to #229 a quick scan of that …
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