21:29 Ticket #515 (CLI tools for checker/repairer) closed by warner
fixed: The 'tahoe check' and 'tahoe deep-check' commands now provide basic …
21:29 Ticket #544 ('tahoe check' / 'tahoe deep-check' CLI should have prettier output) created by warner
We have basic CLI tools to drive file checking/repairing, but their …
01:21 Ticket #543 (repair/rebalancing service) created by warner
So, in doing a bunch of manual GC work over the last week, I'm …


23:48 Ticket #542 (key-generator dones't work anymore) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 71c62f8fcb823eb5.
04:37 Ticket #542 (key-generator dones't work anymore) created by warner
Jan-Benedict Glaw noticed that the key-generator no longer works: …


14:10 TestGrid edited by zooko
s/tahoebs1.allmydata.com/testgrid.allmydata.org/ (diff)


00:05 Ticket #536 (port number conflict: 8123 is (or was) used by polipo and is blocked ...) reopened by secorp
I sigh with Brian - is this really necessary? I too am afraid that …
00:00 Ticket #536 (port number conflict: 8123 is (or was) used by polipo and is blocked ...) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by fe6abac87baf1786


22:05 Ticket #534 (CLI (e.g. tahoe cp) does not correctly handle or display Unicode ...) closed by zooko
20:25 Ticket #541 (remove foolscap 'reference'-token bug workaround in mutable publish) created by warner
To close this ticket, remove the workaround which was needed only to …
20:04 Ticket #540 (inappropriate "uncoordinated write error" after handling a server failure) created by warner
I noticed the automated "speedtest" failing with an unexpected …
01:44 Ticket #539 (it should be possible to filecheck an unrecoverable file or directory) created by warner
Rob was trying to check on a directory, and was getting a "no …
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