23:38 Ticket #142 (pywin32 can't be installed automatically) closed by zooko
fixed: This has been fixed, but pywin32 isn't hosted on pypi so it isn't …
21:44 Ticket #553 ("More Info" link should point to a file/dir, not a dir+childname) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 93cd0f58a9a10133, dd834cf7e966c092, …
21:42 Ticket #554 (some directory targets in wapi/wui require trailing slashes) created by zooko
Most of the URLs pointing at tahoe directories in the wapi/wui will …
20:24 Ticket #553 ("More Info" link should point to a file/dir, not a dir+childname) created by warner
Zooko correctly points out that between the time you use the webapi to …
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update description of link to lines-uncovered graph (diff)
16:05 Dev edited by zooko
remove link to percentage-code coverage graph -- it's a pretty useless … (diff)
07:42 Ticket #552 (the "webdrive" javascript frontend moves objects with delete-before-add) created by warner
The 'delete sometimes appears to fail but succeeds' problem described …
07:37 Ticket #551 (mutable modify() may need to publish even if retry was a NOP) created by warner
The mutable-file modify() function takes a "modifier callback" …
07:27 Ticket #550 (dirnode 'delete' which hits UCWE will appear to fail, but actually succeeds) created by warner
The top-level problem seen in #546 occurred when an object was removed …
07:18 Ticket #549 (MODE_WRITE mapupdate: maybe increase epsilon to handle large batches ...) created by warner
Part of the problem described in #546 is due to adding a large number …
07:13 Ticket #548 (mutable publish sends queries to servers that have already been asked) created by warner
another problem that appeared in #546 is in the mapupdate(MODE_WRITE) …
07:05 Ticket #547 (mapupdate(MODE_WRITE) triggers on a false boundary) created by warner
"problem 1" in #546, is that the mapupdate code has a bug, in which it …
06:55 Ticket #546 (mutable-file surprise shares raise inappropriate UCWE) created by warner
We added a "Thumper" to the allmydata.com prodnet today: 47 new nodes, …


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change port numbers (diff)
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improve layout of invitation to live demo gateway (diff)
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change port number of testgrid (diff)
02:37 Ticket #545 (uploading too-large mutable file causes huge memory usage, 100% CPU) created by warner
Jan-Benedict Glaw noticed that trying to upload a large (32MB) mutable …


21:29 Ticket #515 (CLI tools for checker/repairer) closed by warner
fixed: The 'tahoe check' and 'tahoe deep-check' commands now provide basic …
21:29 Ticket #544 ('tahoe check' / 'tahoe deep-check' CLI should have prettier output) created by warner
We have basic CLI tools to drive file checking/repairing, but their …
01:21 Ticket #543 (repair/rebalancing service) created by warner
So, in doing a bunch of manual GC work over the last week, I'm …


23:48 Ticket #542 (key-generator dones't work anymore) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 71c62f8fcb823eb5.
04:37 Ticket #542 (key-generator dones't work anymore) created by warner
Jan-Benedict Glaw noticed that the key-generator no longer works: …


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s/tahoebs1.allmydata.com/testgrid.allmydata.org/ (diff)
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