23:39 Ticket #600 (storage: maybe store buckets as files, not directories) created by warner
Our current storage-server backend share-file format defines a …
23:18 Ticket #599 (maybe add share-metadata: "where-are-the-other-shares" hints) created by warner
An idea that we've kicked around before came back to me today, in a …
22:26 Ticket #598 (add 'tahoe backup' command: fast versioned readonly backups) created by warner
As a complement to the only-the-latest-version 'tahoe sync' command …
21:05 Ticket #597 (add 'tahoe mirror' command, use backupdb) created by warner
It would be nice to have a CLI tool which does a minimum-effort copy, …
04:55 Ticket #596 (storage servers should announce that they support over-read) created by zooko
Since 6c4019ec33e7a253, storage servers have responded to …


23:25 Ticket #595 (get the immutable file hash of a file without uploading it) created by zooko
Nathan would like to have a way to compute the immutable file hash of …


23:49 Ticket #179 (rewrite our Makefile in Python instead of GNUmake) closed by zooko
fixed: The fact that …
23:46 Ticket #594 (test "make mac-exe") created by zooko
dreid tells me that the "make mac-exe" target has broken. So let us …
23:45 Ticket #593 (test installation of .deb's) created by zooko
Have a buildbot step asserting that {{{dpkg -i …
23:43 Ticket #434 (automate testing of installation) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, most of this ticket is fixed, mostly thanks to Chris Galvan: the …
23:10 Ticket #591 ("make quicktest" could be quicker and less noisy) reopened by warner
Unfortunately, no. 'make quicktest' now fails completely, because …
23:08 Ticket #592 (buildbot->IRC bot) created by zooko
I want a robot that hangs out on IRC and announces buildbot events. …
23:03 Ticket #591 ("make quicktest" could be quicker and less noisy) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 2cf9505d5f986cfb
22:53 Ticket #575 (Tests fail due to sub-process tahoe environment.) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by 210da5cd9a7e7c46
22:51 Ticket #348 (BuildBot step to run tests from package) closed by zooko
22:50 Ticket #588 ("tahoe start" fails even though "tahoe --version" works) closed by zooko
fixed: This is fixed -- test_runner tests this now. Relevant patches are …
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02:55 Ticket #591 ("make quicktest" could be quicker and less noisy) created by warner
I added the "quicktest" target to the Makefile long ago, just after …


23:43 Ticket #590 (add streaming manifest/deep-checker/repairer) created by warner
Our current deep-traversal webapi operations (manifest, deep-check, …
21:57 Ticket #526 (simplify install.html so that it doesn't require GNU make) closed by cgalvan
fixed: The install.html has been updated as indicated in the ticket …
21:55 Ticket #505 (wanted: a setuptools plugin to make unit tests be executed with trial ...) closed by cgalvan
fixed: We have been using the setuptools_trial plugin for awhile now and …
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