22:05 Ticket #535 ("recursion depth exceeded" failure during t=manifest of large ...) closed by warner
fixed: yeah, I guess. I haven't seen the bug occur since I changed that code.
20:28 Ticket #610 (upload should take better advantage of existing shares) created by warner
Our current upload process (which is nearly the oldest code in the …
01:07 Ticket #503 (The Illustration K appears to be 7) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed by drewp -- thanks!


21:50 Ticket #609 (old helper vs new client: sharemap is messed up) created by warner
The UploadResults.sharemap field was changed recently, from …
20:16 Ticket #608 (premature abort of upload if some shares were already present and some ...) created by zooko
There is logic in …
19:50 Ticket #538 (add get_version() method to Referenceable objects, describe our ...) reopened by zooko
Oh, it according to the most recent comment, this might not be …
19:49 Ticket #538 (add get_version() method to Referenceable objects, describe our ...) closed by zooko
19:43 Ticket #239 (document new logging system) closed by zooko
fixed: It is good!


18:22 Ticket #607 (DIR2:IMM) created by zooko
Directories are currently stored in SSK files. They were …
04:19 Ticket #598 (add 'tahoe backup' command: fast versioned readonly backups) closed by warner
fixed: Done. 177ffa0870390c6e was the last patch: the "tahoe …
04:18 Ticket #606 (backupdb: add directory cache) created by warner
We can speed up the #598 "tahoe backup" command even more by caching …


21:55 Doc edited by terrell
link to new Capabilities page (diff)
21:55 Capabilities edited by terrell
add title (diff)
21:54 Capabilities created by terrell
a clean description of capabilities, their derivation, and naming …
07:42 Ticket #456 (it would be nice if the dependency on OpenSSL could be automatically ...) closed by zooko
fixed: I built and uploaded a py2.6 egg: …


20:05 Ticket #536 (port number conflict: 8123 is (or was) used by polipo and is blocked ...) closed by zooko
fixed: We're going to ship tahoe-1.3.0 with a default port number of 3456, …
01:24 Ticket #559 (offer verify-cap in ?t=json metadata) closed by warner
fixed: Implemented in 4e572a5f2491cdf8.


23:11 Ticket #605 (two-hour delay to connect to a grid from Win32, if there are many ...) created by zooko
Current trunk 91a28da3aa2e98c9 takes something like two …
19:46 Ticket #604 (one-shot distributed revocable forwarding slots) created by warner
I had an idea this morning.. not sure it's actually good for anything, …


23:49 Ticket #326 (use consistent time stamps in logging) closed by zooko
wontfix: moved to foolscap, so marked as wontfix here.
20:48 WikiStart edited by zooko
20:38 Ticket #603 (display versions on introducer page) created by zooko
Tahoe nodes generate a string showing the versions of all of the …
19:10 Ticket #602 (error message could be more detailed: "client node probably not started") created by zooko
I just ran bin/tahoe start on Windows, and it said this: […] …
03:01 WikiStart edited by zooko
no building requires (diff)
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