23:36 Ticket #590 (add streaming manifest/deep-checker/repairer) closed by warner
fixed: fde2289e7b1fda8a updates the CLI "tahoe deep-check" …
22:57 WikiStart edited by zooko
edit layout (diff)


23:09 Ticket #629 ('tahoe backup' doesn't tolerate 8-bit filenames) created by warner
Sigh, another unicode problem, not unlike #565 or #534, but this time …
20:28 Ticket #628 ("mtime" and "ctime": I don't think that word means what you think it means.) created by zooko
Tahoe has "mtime" and "ctime" associated with the edges in the …


15:03 Ticket #627 (formatting of NEWS file) created by kpreid
I was reading http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/browser/NEWS to learn …
14:39 Ticket #626 (The wapi ought to cope with slashes) created by kpreid
From NEWS: "Slashes are discouraged in Tahoe file/directory names, …
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add 1.3 to parade of release notes (diff)
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00:05 Milestone 1.3.0 completed
Release focus: checker/verifier/repairer: * checking: just count …


18:47 Ticket #625 (Can't repair read-only dirnodes/mutable-files) created by francois
Running a deep-check operation on a dirnode created with "tahoe …
06:48 Ticket #624 (buildbot is too noisy about versions) created by warner
The buildbot currently displays four separate steps with information …


23:34 Ticket #611 (test_repairer test_repair_from_corruption_of_1 sometimes errors) closed by zooko
17:32 BuildbotPolicy edited by terrell
link to buildbot page (same as in navbar, but this is more wiki-expected) (diff)
17:25 BuildbotPolicy created by zooko
buildbot policy
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add link to BuildbotPolicy (diff)
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add terminology: "diminishing" a cap (diff)
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00:17 Ticket #623 (coverage: compute+display differential coverage) created by warner
It would be great if the buildbot produced, for each new build, a …


23:26 Ticket #556 (prepend 'application-version' with the name of this particular application) closed by zooko
fixed: 7eb260a9cf6010a7 fixes this. That patch doesn't actually …
20:42 Ticket #622 (add a 'repair' button on the webapi checker results page) created by warner
The "Repair" button appears when the checker results indicate an …
17:04 Ticket #621 (Incorporate fuse tests into buildbot flow) created by nejucomo
The automated fuse tests don't seem to be regularly used and may have …
08:39 Ticket #620 (mutable writev should be able to delete shares) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in 13a3ef5ec1f651cc.
04:35 Ticket #620 (mutable writev should be able to delete shares) created by warner
A call to testv_and_readv_and_writev() which specifies that the new …
00:51 Ticket #619 (make 'tahoe backup' without sqlite complain louder) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in f7a263eb0b2d0b74


21:53 Ticket #619 (make 'tahoe backup' without sqlite complain louder) created by warner
Zooko and I have reached a compromise regarding the way that "tahoe …
20:04 Ticket #618 (tahoe backup crash during second run) closed by francois
invalid: Well, it is certainly a normal incompatibility issue between the …
19:30 Ticket #618 (tahoe backup crash during second run) created by francois
An exception is raised by tahoe node during the second run of tahoe …
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add iRODS (diff)
18:10 Ticket #617 (Debian etch package size mismatch) created by swillden
The r3571 build of Tahoe 1.2.0 in the allmydata.org debian repository …
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add tahoe-w32-client (diff)
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08:48 Ticket #616 (bug in repairer causes sporadic hangs in unit tests) created by zooko
There is a bug in DownUpConnector._satisfy_reads_if_possible(): …
08:24 Ticket #615 (Can JavaScript loaded from Tahoe access all your content which is ...) created by zooko
Several web security experts (who will remain unnamed in this ticket …
06:17 Ticket #614 (redefine "Healthy" to be "Happy" for checker/verifier/repairer) created by zooko
Part of dreid's performance problem (in addition to the major part: …
06:11 Ticket #613 (sometimes a helper hurts instead of helping (if you need to upload ...) created by zooko
If #610 were fixed so that uploader (e.g. on repair) were smart about …
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