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Volunteer as possible gsoc mentor (diff)
07:49 Ticket #662 (add an option for "tahoe manifest" to not skip duplicates, or a ...) created by warner
My current job involves tools which modify a directory tree […], and …


20:59 Ticket #593 (test installation of .deb's) closed by warner
duplicate: this has been merged into #630.
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announce application to GSoC (diff)
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I mentor JavaScripters?. (diff)
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add myself as volunteer mentor (diff)
15:10 Ticket #149 (unable to use pre-installed non-distutils-aware nevow) closed by zooko
wontfix: I changed the name of this ticket to emphasize that .egg-info


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I'm available as a summer-of-code mentor (diff)
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add ND and libtahoe_webapi, FOSS'ification of the w32 client (diff)
17:15 Ticket #661 (Dynamic share migration to maintain file health) created by mmore
Dynamic share repair to maintain file health. based on the following …
15:02 Ticket #660 (debian packages require python < 2.6, but should allow python 2.6) created by zooko
There was a time when there was a bug in Tahoe when used with Python …
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21:02 Ticket #659 (rusty dusty server fails on tests) created by arch_o_median
I'm installing on a: Hardware: Pentium III; 64 Mb RAM; 731 Mhz OS: …
20:41 Ticket #658 ("tahoe cp" should avoid full upload/download when the destination ...) created by warner
Now that the backupdb seems to be working well for "tahoe backup", …
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add mentors (diff)
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init GSoCIdeas
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link to GSoCIdeas (diff)


16:47 Ticket #657 ("python ./setup.py test" rebuilds packages) created by zooko
If you build with python ./setup.py build, it will automatically …
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add notes about buildbot policy and packages (diff)


22:10 Ticket #410 (--introducer arg to create-client) closed by warner
fixed: This was added to 1.3.0 . Thanks for the suggestion!


04:38 Ticket #624 (buildbot is too noisy about versions) closed by zooko
fixed: Brian has implemented this in (most recently) c2a2e930899bb354.
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